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      Hello everybody Welcome to My bitching board I will be pretty much bitching about random shit. This is a paying member forum or boards or whatever you want to call it so it’s not really too censored here our staff maintain order in these boards that’s about it but it’s almost free free for all here. So today I’m going to bitch about my house and the owners that owned it before we bought it and moved them running their scam the way they did. There’s a lot of shit that kind of pisses me off. And I’m a pretty easy-going guy and that’s what kind of sucks so the first part of this b**** and I’m only going to do in this post is the fact that these guys are supposedly Christian or religious and they ran the scam they did. Matter of fact the things that they died here from the neighbors makes matters worse will go into more details here in a couple posts later but this is going to be the start of this board and my bitching but I’mma use this thread for other shit to

Viewing 0 reply threads
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