2nd Payment Received From Cash-Harvest

Well I have received one of the payments that I requested so far. This would be my second payment received from Cash-Harvest. I would have been paid earlier or have more then three payments but I was unable to access the site for a month or so because of a “connection reset while loading page” error I was getting.
Anyways you can view the payment in this post just scroll down a bit to the number 2 in this list i.e. Cash-Harvest.

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Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit Airing on Adult Swim

Well it seem that I’m a little bit excited that Moribito is going to be airing on adult swim coming up on August 24 the only day that adult swim seems to have animes showing anymore. This is according to a news posting on anime news network. Anyways I haven’t heard too much about this series but from what I have heard its pretty good so I will be looking forward to watching the first episode.

Here is a trailer for the series:

Thank you guys very much for reading

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Posting Just because I feel like posting :grin: (Rukun’s old blog post)

Well it’s month and there really isn’t too much new lately. Just been really busy lately.
Some good news. Well I have or am about to request payment on a few of the PTC sites I’m a member of. So look forward to some payment proofs post soon. In fact one of the sites is one I haven’t been paid on yet so I kind of looking forward to that.
Some somewhat bad news. A couple sites that I had joined that I haven’t been paid on yet have pretty much disappeared from the face of the net. So I will pretty much remove those from my list. One of the ones I removing from the list is GOOD BUX. This site I felt the most scammed from because I was like really close to my minimum payout. Another one that I actually removed from my list a while back was a PTC site called Nominbux, which I not really disappointed with as much as I am with Good Bux because I didn’t really have all that many ad click or that much in my account balance to begin with. Technically I not going to say these sites are scams but from my experience I must say that they disappeared. Some others sites that I think I will decrease my activity on just in case they disappear or end up be a scam.
Well that is enough with that. Be on the look out for some PTC sites reviews. I will be reviewing some of the sites I have been paid on and a couple of sites I have yet to receive payment on.

This post was first posted by Rukun on his old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/08/posting-just-because-i-feel-like.html

PTSU Tips & Suggestions part 1 (Rukun’s old blog post)

Here is the post I will be discussing the various things like tips and suggestions for successfully completing PTSUs (paid-to-sign ups) on the various PTC/GPT sites. Paid-to-sign-ups (also known as registration ads or something similar) are a great way to make your minimum payout a lot faster then just clicking away at ads or reading ads. But to be able to get credit for one of these you need to meet the minimum requirements ser forth by the ones who posted the PTSU advertisement. Sometimes in my opinion the requirements are a bit vague or confusing, well maybe for some. Anyways, here in the following I discuss some common suggestions and tips that I have gathered from my experience in completing PTSUs.


The first most important thing to do is first read the direction set forth by the site you are completing the PTSU on. The reason being that there are sometimes rules—whether they be in the web sites’ terms of use or under the list of PTSU advertisements themselves—that are required by the web site in order for the PTSU to be valid. An example rule could be like the ones that are on most Aurora script PTC web sites, “Must click 30+ ads to receive credit”. But anyways the best thing I can offer for you to complete paid to sign up offers is to follow the rules, and be active in the offer you had signed up under. The reason is that people pay good money for these sign up and expect to gain active referrals from that sign.


To Be continued in the near future

This post was first poste by Rukun on his old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/07/ptsu-tips-suggestions-part-1.html

Prowling Panther PTC 3+ Payment Proofs (Disappeared & Scam) (Old Rukun blog post)

This post is no longer being updated due to the fact that Prowling Panther has disappeared which kind of sucks, because I kind of liked the site. But anyways it’s to be expected when trying to earning from the Internet. Anyway, topic title will be left as is. But payment proofs are removed from this post as well as the link to the site. Sorry folks.

Post last updated 1/19/2009 No longer updating.

This post was posted on Rukun’s old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/07/prowling-panther-3-payment-proofs.html

Again with the Updates v.1.4

Well what heck again with the update post here. What is my problem LOL. Well anyways there isn’t to much new lately. I just started watching Zero No Tsukaima. I’m on the third episode. So far I have enjoyed the first two episodes so I’m going to continue watch the rest of this first season. I will post more about that a bit later.

Again I slack off, I haven’t gotten any further in the School Rumble manga so I can’t really talk about that.

So what should I talk about. Maybe some cute anime girlies dancing around with dangerous sharp objects. LOL Well maybe another time 😀

I guess I could say that I tried watching Twilight of the Dark Master again last night so I could write a review for this blog. But I started to fall asleep in front of my TV while I was watching it. I guess I will have to try this again either tonight or tomorrow. I guess that say a review for Twilight of the Dark Master is coming up here sometime soon.

So what do you all want me to talk about???

Thank you guys for reading as it what keep this site going.

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More Updates and Random Stuff. v. 1.3

Well I just finished watching Le Chevalier d’Eon and I must say that I really enjoyed this series. The ending is quite surprising. But I’m not going to spoil it for you all. Look for the review for it here in the near future. But all I’m going to say for the moment is that Le Chevalier d’Eon’s story is quite different compared to most other animes that fall under this type of anime genre. I’m also just about finished watching Rosario + Vampire I think I’m up to episode 10.

Finally I just started reading the School Rumble manga. This is that first time in a long while that I have attempt to start read a manga. But I’m also slowly but sure reading the Bleach manga but not as focused on it.

Ok here is a video for you all

Eureka Seven Dance Party..XD

Thanks for reading

I first posted this post on my first blog here: https://ru-kunsanimediscussions.blogspot.com/2008/07/more-updates-and-random-stuff-v-13.html