About Thoughts of Everything

So what is Thoughts of Everything?? Well at this moment in time I’m not completely sure what Thoughts of Everything’s purpose is but I do know the idea that I wanted to go with web site and brand. But I do know the main reason for the site to come about is to help me deal with everything in society that I feel isn’t right or wrong. But also to provide a message of just writing down my thoughts. There is more to it and this will not be the only time that I will be editing the about page LOL

I guess you can say that Thoughts of Everything is a blog. But I have more a a community base feature as I want people to interact. I’ve ran some other web sites and blogs that I’m pretty much combining into this web site. One such site which is basically becoming a category. But I going to register it as a trade name for myself as it was what start this all since Rutaku Anime was my very first web site I ran and now someone took my brand and the hard work I put in to it and is using it as their own. The second web site had more than one version. Both paid and free type of hosting or blogger but it was basically the same thing Mr.Ruste’s Earning Blog. Mr.Ruste is the name I record my music under. I always thought that was a stupid name. but I do like the Rutaku Anime so much that I created my company name with it. Anyways, I’m pretty much combining those into this site. Thoughts of Everything is just for those as well. It’s basically going to be mainly my thoughts of everything, experiences I have gone through or are going through. Random shit. My music, others music. Whatever. It’s basically my safe space and I’m allowing you bastards to join in as well in the member only forums and also to leave your comments. But I will be putting my company at the ban hammer if I don’t bring it out if your comment or post spreads hatred, spam, ads, or anything that I find violating my safe space and those members and visitor who enjoy my space. Though I may let a lot of other negative thing pass as you gave me a view LOL and I will allow you your comment.

Although, I have been thinking about letting someone staff and write for the Rutaku Anime category

So that is basically it.

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