About Thoughts of Everything Media


Welcome to the Thoughts Of Everything About Us page and here we will tell you all about how the creation of the Thoughts Of Everything, website, project, and brand came about. The Thoughts Of Everything website has had a bit of an evolution from multiple blogs/sites to get to the current status of this project.

First let’s discuss what we are and what we are about, basically our purpose. Thoughts Of Everything is created by Rukun Rutakus and is part of MrRu$te Creative Works & Media a Productions Of The Human Mind publication and is also the home for Rukun Rutakus music. Thoughts Of Everything consists of this website, our family-friendly website called TeamJr.org, and a side project called Facts Of Everything currently a category on the Thoughts Of Everything website. Enough of the side as we are here for the About Thoughts Of Everything page.

Thoughts Of Everything was first truly created in 2015 but evolved from a couple of my blogs and a community anime/manga fan site, which is the title of our anime categories, and discussion forums on the anime site. The anime site was called Rutaku Anime and we still own the RutakuAnimeDOTorg domain pointing to our anime blog category see here: http://rutakuanime.org/. Now I @ru-kun also had an anime blog before that site which still exists here: https://ru-kunsanimediscussions.blogspot.com/ and is maintained/managed by our admins/mods. Now, the other part of this Thoughts Of Everything evolution is 2 other blogger blogs that I ran and still exist as well. These two other blogs were focused on working from home or making money online programs where I @ru-kun wrote about and investigated legit passive or semi-passive income programs while hunting down and exposing scammers/scams. I have also imported most of the old posts from old stuff except the Rutaku anime site. You can find these in our archived from another website category: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/category/archived-from-other-websites/ just note there is also an old blogger Thoughts Of Everything page.

Now with the above stated, I @ru-kun want this project to go a step further and want to have more other creative content like drawings and art or other artistic creativity. Pretty much a place to share creative people’s works. But we have staff that can promote their own works as well instead of talking about creative content from around the world. They will get free advertising in a sense from that factors we advertise through various methods online to drive traffic. Plus our staff get part of the profits after our platform total running costs

Now as the full launch of the Thoughts Of Everything website I the creator @ru-kun have gone through some extra things in life you would never expect. There is planning to have more gaming streams and the multiplayer game hangs out and get help with various group stuff in games from the most popular games out there. I, the creator of this project want to have more content like anime, manga, video games, comics and other nerdy things to be reviewed by any of our staff who wants to do this. Basically what it comes down to is we are Thoughts Of Everything, where Everything Needs a Thought with the freedom to have the viewpoint on freedom of thoughts and individuality. All of our journalist-style posts, pages, and projects are independent of anything other than either our investigations or the creative content of all our staff/content creators.

Thoughts Of Everything is like a non-profit in that at the end of each month all income after the running cost of the Thoughts Of Everything brand/project is split among all content creators/staff based on minimum activity requirements which are not a lot so staff can do it on their own time.

Thanks for reading.

Written By Russell Lukach-Krueger @ru-kun