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Hello everyone and how is it going right now for you? I hope all is going well for you. I’m doing ok glad to have a 3 day weekend this week due to the amount of hours I have been putting in at my other job. I’m going to use this time to get some shit done including getting my blog posts caught up on Thoughts Of Everything.

These payment-proof posts are one I like to write and that is what we will be discussing here—my 2nd Payment From ClixToYou. ClixToYou is a get-paid-to/paid-to-click website. The program has paid-to-signup offers, grid ads, and many offerswalls that can also get you some extra cash, not just PTC ads. Also has a referral program which means you can earn extra cash from your referrals.

ClixToYou is part of a network of websites run by the same admin. I’m currently only testing out one of their earning websites and I have been paid at least once there. At the moment 3 payments from this admin thus far, though each site will go through the testing process on their own. This link will be more helpful in understanding my testing process:

Now if you want crypto. ClixToYou accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin. My payout was in Litecoin. ClixToYou used to have Airtm which is where I was paid my first payout from this website. I’m not sure why they don’t have it now at the moment. The only other payment processors they have is Payeer, Faucetpay, and Perfect Money which I CAN NOT recommend at this time of this post especially for those living in the USA. Take a look at my payment proof below.

@Ru-Kun’s 2nd Payment From ClixToYou

Ru-Kun's 2nd Payment from ClixToYou
Ru-Kun’s 2nd Payment from ClixToYou.

I was paid within the stated time in the site’s terms of service. Probably a couple of days before the stated end date but before 30 days stated in their terms. ClixToYou is still on my testing list which means I’m still testing the program but it is one payment from being on my paying list. Either way, I’m not currently rewarding activity to those of you who join under my referral link/or in my downline. I will then reward my active downline. If you still want to join and test with me click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading. If you have an experience with this program feel free to share in the comments on this post. Thanks again. 😀


By Ru-Kun

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