How To Become A Supporter


Hello and welcome to the “what is paid access and how to get it” page. So let me first begin an what paid access is. At first I was just going to allow for donations and give everyone complete access to almost everything. We still have a members area forums maybe some other member areas where you just need to be a registered user. But then after I started writing a about a scammer web site and confronted the scammer about it as I have some of my data on this person’s web site. The scammer admin proceeded to DoS attack or something to cause my server to lose service after I had blogged about this scammer and ended up losing an entire post and almost lost some evidence to this scammer. Since then I have been think of adding paid access post to help cover any costs that come up running this web site with such posts as I think standing up for what you think is wrong. I have a couple other life situations going on as well where I’m having to use paid access posts. Also this type of access will help cover any cost of gathering up more evidence or proof of whatever the paid access post of page is about. I will be offer other things beside what was mentioned above but this is still fairly new.

How to get paid access?

We are currently only offering email contact through our contact form page here: Contact us for paid access payment

Once donated there contact here to give you premium content life access on site and the unlisted or premium Thoughts Of Everything YouTube videos.

Make sure you add * email to your safe list so you can get our email. We don’t spam so don’t worry. It’s stupid I even have to say that. Our email communications are secure by SSL and encrypted for your protection and mine. We pay fees for the payment processors used.

Currently, we are using Paypal and We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and we accept Skrill and Airtm.

Then contact us for paid access and now we are going to have a paid access series type of thing maybe but paid videos from right now.

We can also accept BAT tokens (Basic Attention Tokens) through Brave browser in which you can earn BAT tokens just by using so click here to download: Then send us a tip then contact us afterwards to get your Thoughts Of Everything supporter account.

Here Is Our Supporter Membership Types 

  1. This is the first and lowest membership type for our supporters and is a lifetime membership meaning never goes away. you hold the member for the life of your account. This is the lowest of all membership types and is where every most likely starts after they become a supporter. The first membership cost $0.01 to $5.00. Above $5 is the next membership type. You will get access to pretty much all premium content on the website and our YouTube/Twitch channel. You get access to our premium discussion board in our forums.

Page Last Updated 6-15-2022