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Hello everyone welcome to my Rabbit Epidemic Part 1 blog post. This means I may do more stories about this.  I not going to write a lot of shit here but you can check out my video shared below from my TikTok channel. The place where Thoughts Of Everything is located as well as my home has an issue in our neighborhood where one house has been breeding rabbits and letting them roam the entire neighborhood. They have dug under sidewalks fences and houses. Dug holes all over the yards of every house living close to ground zero. Watch my video below. 


#rabbits have taken over our neighborhood. the #rabbit #epidemic has been created by one house in our #neighborhood kind of BS. Here at Thoughts Of Everything (https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org) we expose stuff like this though we don’t like to my name is Ru-Kun Rutakus I’m a writer for and owner of Thoughts Of Everything, and Independent Media creative company

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