March Updates and New Paying site added to the list (Old Rukun Blog post)

Well it seem I’ve been slacking off lately, so I think it’s about time for some updates. First another site is verified as paying as I received my first payment from ClixOfChange
. Well actually I received this payment in Feb. 27 but anyways here it is:
ClixOfChange as I may have already mentioned has the same admin as ClixMakeSense.

In other updates there has been some changes with payout options on Clickers Haven. This only pertains to payouts through Alertpay. Basically there are no payouts through Alertpay at this time, at least the option isn’t available through withdraw. But anyways, I will say that Clicker Haven has really good and fast support through the “contact us” area. Every message I have sent I have gotten a reply with in 24 hours. But as with most site allow 48 hours to receive a reply. Even iif there was a forums I think the support would even be better. But I give Clickers Haven PTC support 2 thumbs up.

The last little update. A little while back I received an email from the so called programmer of PTCaddicts saying something along the lines like the original administrator took off with the cash and such. And the programmer was going to take over but members need to sign up on some ad or something. Anyways, it doesn’t matter to me because I’m no longer active there anyways. I think it’s a waste of time. Do you think PTCaddicts is a scam?? I think so.

Anyways, I’m still working on a new layout for this blog. But I’m also think of creating another blog just for the paying sites with all the payment proofs for each one of them. I will update when this is finished. Along the side of that I’m also thinking about move this blog to my own host but haven’t decided on that yet.

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Some Brief updates (Rukun old blog post)

So I finally finished up my paying site blog which if you would like to view then click here to check it out. Please note that I implemented a spoiler code to hid the payment proof screen to make this blog load faster. If you want to view the given payment proofs then just click where is says “>> CLICK HERE TO VIEW PAYMENT PROOFS !! CLICK AGAIN TO HIDE PAYMENT PROOFS <<” and it will show those.
Another thing I would like to mention is that I received my first payment from Advercash which you can view right here in this post
Well I guess that is it for the moment.
Happy earnings!!

This was first post and the second to the last post posted on Rukun’s old blog here:

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Another Paying Site added to the List (Old Rukun blog post)

Ok, so I just received my first payment from Clickers Haven. This is a pretty good site. It’s basically a Mimi PTC meaning it has a low payout. The payout is $0.25 through Paypal, $1.00 through Alertpay. And there are other payout options as well like money order for USA members and must have a minimum of $10.00. Plus Walmart and Gift Cards as payments as well.
I would also like to mention that advertising is pretty cheap on this site.

Anyways here is the my first payment received from this site.

On a side note: I should be receiving my first payment from ClixOfChange here really soon.


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New Paying site and First payment of 2009 (Old Rukun blog post)

I have another site to add to my paying site list. I will be making a new paying site list here soon. But I thought I should post this right now. I will also add it to my paying site quick list as well.

Anyways, ClixMakeSense is now considered a paying site since I had received on 1/17/2009.

See my first ClixMakeSense payment by clicking the thumbnail below.

So there is the payment *claps*. Anyways, I pretty much already knew I would be getting paid from this site. But it’s always best to not saying a site is paying until you actually get a payment yourself.

Old Rukun blogger post first posted here:

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Unverified Paying sites PTC Beginning of 2009 (Old Rukun blog post)

The List of PTC/GPT sites
PTC Sites
1.) This site is called Avercash. It is a fairly good site, one of the sites that have been around for the longest. Has a couple of ways to earn cash. First you can click/view ads from up to $0.01. Then you can complete offers for cash. You can also earn $0.01 for every person that you refer, plus 25% of their completed offer earnings and a percentage of their earning from viewing ads. Minimum payout at $15.00 through either Alertpay or you can receive your earnings via check US Postal service. (Check is only available to United States members) Click here to Join Avercash today
2.) Adverbux is a pretty great site. Earn up to $0.01 for ad clicks. You can earn cash just by playing flash games and getting the minimum score for the given game. Earn cash for referring people and a percentages for their clicks and earnings. Minimum payout out is $20.00 and is processed through Alertpay or Paypal, it’s you choice. Click here to Join AdverBux Today
3.) Paid2Seek. Seems to be a pretty good site. At the moment I really haven’t been getting too many ads but at least getting some. Anyways you can earn up to $0.05 for each site you view. The minimum payout is $5.00 and is processed through Paypal. If I remember it correctly I think you also get 20000 banner credits upon sign up. Click Here to Join Paid2Seek today
4.) Click Sensation. This is another fairly new site and has a pretty good amount of ads to click. Ways or earn through clicking ads and Paid to sign up offers. There is also 100% referral earning whe you refer people. Payments are processed through >Alertpay, Paypal, or eGold and is a low minimum of $1.00 to request the payout. Click here to Join Click Sensation today
5,) Click for Dollars. This is a fairly new site and is an aurora Site. The minimum payout is $10.00 and is processed through both Alertpay and Paypal Anyways if I’m correct this site is maybe a month old. Click Here to Join: Click for Dollars today
6.) Clicker Union. I just joined this site recently through a PTSU on another site. Anyways seem pretty good, script & design by Payments are processed through Alertpay and you must have a minimum of $2.49 Click here to Join Clickers Union today
7.) Dragon Hits. Paid to click, paid to read and paid to sign up. $2.00 minimum payout processed through Alertpay and Paypal. Click here to: Join Dragon Hits Today
8.) NotSoTricky. This is a fairly new site. I joined a while back. Anyways its a paid to click paid to read (emails also if opt-in), paid to sign up and etc. Payouts are processed through Alertpay and Paypal. The minimum depends on what you select. What I mean is there is an option for no minimum with paypal but you must follow the rules written in the forums. Low minimum with Alertpay at $1.25 but there is a 20% fee for the request. $5.00 minimum with both Alertpay and paypal with a 5% fee. Lastly there is a Paypal no fee, but it has a minimum of $10.00. Anyways, Click here to: Join NotSoTricky today
9.) Performancebux. This site I join about a week ago. Anyways, you can earn by clicking ads. You can also rent referrals if you want to earn cash faster. Anyways cash outs are instant and are processed through Alertpay or Paypal. ( I think) Click here to: Join Performancebux today
10.) Offers And Clicks. Great site, script design and hosted by TheClickers Network. Payments are processed through Paypal if one has the minimum account balance of $1.80. Site has cheap advertising and a pretty good amount of ads and such to click. Join Offers and Clicks Today own this site now</br > 11.) VelvetClix. New site from TheClicker Network. Great dssign, cheap advetising. And $3.00 minimum payout Join VelvetClix Today
12.) Good site, lots of payout options. >Join Today
——————————————————————————————- GPT and Other Earning Sites 1.) InboxDollars. I’ve actually been with this site for a while, but haven’t been that active until lately. Anyways, there is a lot of ways to earn cash from this site. One of the main ways is paid-to-read-emails. But are also cash games, offer and surveys. Minimum payout is $30.00 and is mail by check upon payment request. Click here to: Join InboxDollars today
2.) Donkeymails. I actually just join this today, but have been meaning to for awhile now. Anyways, great site lots of ways to earn cash, including paid-to-read-emails, paid-to-promote, paid-to-click and many others. It has a no mimimum payout processed through eGold. And $1.00 minimum processed through Paypal, Alertpay and LibertyReserve. Click here to: Join Donkeymails today ================================================================= Last updated 3/9/2009


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Long time no update New Year 2009 (Old Rukun blog post)

Well it’s been awhile since I updated this blog so I think it about that time for massive updates. The first part here with in a month I will be change my blog layout/design. I’ll be doing a new design from scratch which I will make conform to XHTML standards, I’ll be working on a site map (maybe) as well.
Next thing is that I actually haven’t been all that active in clicking ads and such until about recently because of that massive record snowfall that I have been getting in the area I live. I basically had little to no Internet connectivity because I have a Satellite ISP.
Next massive update is a bunch of the sites I’m currently a member are going to be considered a scam or a waste of my time. First on the list is a bit surprising: Prowling Panther PTC seems to have disappeared along with the rest of my cash. So the following list is those I’m going to list as a scam which is based through my opinion and experience. My Scam/Waste of Time list
Paying Sites 1. Prowling Panther PTC (Disappeared)
2. Crewbux (Just a waste of time have to pay them to get a payout now)

Unverified Sites 1. Angelbux (deleted my earnings when I was without Internet, bastards)
2. Cosplaymails (“

Sorry! is closed,All member’s payment is sent(URL link removed).Please don’t do any work now or you can’t get and are not our site,Please don’t sent email to our PAYPAL address(yuchen… you have any problem,Please contact their admin.Thanks!!!”)
[[This message was posted on their site. I never recieved any payment from them. Which everyone should be paid when the site is closing. I even tried contacting those bastards about it considering I was really close to payout. The owners of Cosplaymails can kiss my a**]] Sorry about that.
3. Fireworksclicks (disappeared, I figure this one was a waste of time as well. I wasn’t all that active.)
4. Clickfantasy (too many problems with the site, never lets me login and had change my password like 9-10 times. Not too big of a loss though)
5. Islandclicks (also disappeared)
————————————- So now that list done. I’ll continue on with more updates. First thing though I will leave the payment proofs from prowling panther but all links and promotes will be removed.
Now Dragon hits is going to be an unverified paying site because payout has been raised to $2.00 and I believe the site has a different owner which is probably pretty old news.
I had requested payments from Clickershaven and ClixMakeSense a couple of days ago. So be on the look out for the sites to become verified paying sites (ClixMakesense for sure).
Last part of this update is I should be adding a some new PTC/GPT site here sometime soon. I will also be redoing all of the paying and unverified paying sites for the beginning year of 2009.
I’m also planning on having affiliate thing for other who will wish to affiliate with my blog. But I haven’t came up with rules for it yet. I think one rule will be that affiliates site/blog should be in some way related to earning on the Internet and Paid to click. But I won’t have this ready until about probably next month when I will have time to review potential affiliate sites and a way for contacting my. I might also make a space for people to advertise a banner or two on my site but since I trying to write my own script for the I might not have that for a while.
That’s about it for the moment. Thanks for reading. XD

Rukun’s old blogger blog post from here:

Thanks for reading

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November Updates (Old Rukun Blog post 2008)

Well looks like I’ve been slcaking off on this blog lately. So lets get somethings updated. First off there are a few paid-to-click sites that I will no longer be active with for a couple of reasons. Meaning I will be removing or already have removed from my lists. One of the biggest reasons is that for as long as I have been doing this earning online thing I getting really tired of either wasting my time or I’m just overall tired of irresponsible administrators that run some of the sites. I mean just the way that some treat free/standard member is bulls**t. Anyways,, here are a few I already stopped promoting. This doesn’t make them a scam unless I say other wise. And if I do say it is a scam this is only my opinion based off of my experience with the site.
Sites I already stopped promoting: 1. Xclix (long over due, disappeared from the face of the net SCAM. Loss of $9.61 from clicking) 2. Titanclicks (SCAM. Loss of $7.12 from click and 5 referrals from PTSUs) 3. Turbobux (SCAM. Loss of $10.53 and 11 referrals from PTSUs and promoting) 4. NemoClicks Jr. (just feels like a waste of never really ads. No losses though convert cash to ad clicks 5. Alertpaybux (Disappeared, no losses) 6. Buxvisit (Also disappeared, Loss of $1.52 from ad clicks) 7. CoolBuX (new layout, no ads, three email contact just to find out what happen to account after new layout and such. )
—————— Sites I about to stop promoting: 1. Icebux ( I don’t know what is up with this site but it seem to have been sold and under construction page for a long while now. I may come back to this site but it seem to be a waste of time) 2. Zubux (No ads to click for a long while, site is being sold admin not payout or active, most likely a SCAM) 3. Foxcash (I’m just not sure about this site anymore) ___________________________________
In other updates, changed the minimum payouts with both paypal and alertpay. The minimum is now $5.50 and can only be requested twice a month. More details can be seen in this forum post: (link removed) This doesn’t really matter to me because I know for a fact that I will be paid by this site. Cash-Harvest has also rised the minimum payout to $2.00 and also can only be requested twice a month.
Lastly the administrator of ClixMakeSense Cashhas opened up a new site which looks to be promising. This site is called ClixOfChange. I have now also became a moderator in the forum of these sites.
I first posted this blog post here:, my old blogger blog and is kept for archival purposes.

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