Understanding of Paid-to-Click and Get -Paid-to earning community

So the question is that how can a person earn money from paid-to-click or these get-paid-to sites. Well, to be honest earning money from these all depends on the time you put into it, gaining referrals and promoting the sites your a member of. Some may ask why does someone get paid to click ads or view/read websites, read emails, and such? The question that maybe been further asked why do people or websites pay people to view the ads or websites. First one of the biggest reason that people or website owners will pay people to view their websites or ads is to increase the traffic flow to that site, which then in turn get the ad/website better ratings in search engines. Another aspect is that fact of the webmaster’s almost best friend known as Alexa rankings. What Alexa is basically a system that compares your website traffic to that of other web sites throughout the world of the Internet. If you would like to know a bit more feel free to check out Alexa Blog. Another useful link is {link dead}The CronBlog{link dead} post about Alexa. Hopeful this a bit helpful. Feel free to ask any questions. In my next post I will talk briefly of some of these PTC/GPT sites that I have joined to earn money. ~~Mr.Ruste

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Payment Processors #1 old

The first thing you will need to start earning or if you just want to advertise is a payment processor. A variety of the PTC/GPT sites out there use one or a couple different payment processors to pay their members or for advertisers to make purchases.
The follow are the payment processors that I’m use if you need one to get started with earning extra money online.

1.) Paypal

2.) {Dead payment processor Payza now}Alertpay{Dead Payza}


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This was I believe my first PTC online earning blog

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