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Hello everyone and welcome to the Thoughts Of Everything website i.e. thoughtsofeverything.org or .com. Either top level domain name brings you to the same place. We all here hope you continue to do well and would like to thank you for visiting this website/blog as that what start this all. To keep this story short as I, @Rukun the creator of this site plan on having a different page for that. But Thoughts Of Everything is a combination of a making money online or from home blog, an anime blog and an anime website. 

The Thoughts Of Everything website is basically about everything but I mainly created it a for a place to also promote my creative works. Now I plan this for other who become part of our staff. As this post can be edit I’m currently working on having some staff post content soon, such as art work and written works. I already have my music on here. But the creative side is much big and for a latter discussion as the Thoughts Of Everything project is something of it’s own with more to it as we do a lot of investigating of different earning project, including crypto and crypto-mining, lot and different software projects, reviews for many thing including anime, and other geeky stuff. Now we do our best to represent all information provided. And because we are also community based we can’t always control what our users post but we want user to be able to provide their own thoughts or experiences with whatever is being discussed at a given time. But we do have rules which are stated in our terms of service.

Affiliate Links Disclaimer::  Please note some of our content/posts may contain referral or affiliate links in which either Thoughts Of Everything earns off of or our staff get earnings from. These are either programs we believe in or programs we are testing to verify legitimacy of a programs or products/services we use.


If your having issues receiving your account activation email. please contact us through our contact form we will activate your account within 24 hours. We are currently working on the fixing the email issue.

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Ibotta Is Now On The Paying App List and Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment

Ibotta Is Now On The Paying App List and Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing too bad just super busy and trying to multitask. I have shit ton of posts to write but also a whole bunch of other stuff to do. But right now I going to right to write this blog post about Ibotta (https://ibotta.com/r/rlitqwl) app being moved up to the paying earning app list from the testing earning list. Then I’m going to go back to cleaning the home office. and rest of the house. Well I have another short post to write after this one.

Ibotta (https://ibotta.com/r/rlitqwl) is a kind like a cash back app that you can get money back on your receipts like from a store like Safeway or Costco. But some online store like Amazon are on there as well but you just have to follow the direction or take a picture of the receipt once you select all the offers you able to get cash back on. I don’t know if this app is available to everyone but if you able to, its a nice little app to get extra money back on things you buy. I @ru-kun have been paid 3 times thus far all to my PayPal account. You can see my payment screenshot below. 

Ru-Kun’s 3rd payout from Ibotta

Now as you can see I got $20 as that is the minimum for PayPal. There are other options but I not going to go into it right now. But Ibotta has now been moved the the paying list and will start testing for the Elite earning program list. Now that it’s on the paying list I will be rewarding my active referral if you get on contact with me here in this site. Thanks for reading.

Now if you want to join Ibotta click here: https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/8cc13c64?friend_code=rlitqwl

Horizen Faucet and Ru-Kun’s First Payments 1-14 Payouts Received

Horizen Faucet and Ru-Kun’s First Payments 1-14 Payouts Received

Hello everyone and how is it going today. I hope you all are doing well. I’m doing ok my main desktop computer crashed so I haven’t been to active on writing any content which really sucks. As I have a bunch of shit to write and it starting to pill up. This blog post about Horizen Faucet (Getzen.cash) is one such post I’m behind on. Let’s get started and take a look at Horizen Faucet.

Horizen Faucet or Getzen.cash is a crypto faucet for Horizen (ZEN) crypto. I believe the faucet is created and administrated by the team the manage the Horizen cryptocurrency project. But I have yet to truly confirm this. But either way I have already been paid 14 times since using the faucet. I use the Horizen Sphere desktop wallet to earn hold reward bonuses on the faucet. But you can also find, buy, trade, sell ZEN on Coinbase and other such popular exchanges.

The Payment Proofs

All of the following payment were received to Sphere By Horizen desktop wallet.

Payment 1:

Ru-kun 1st payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 2: 

Ru-kun 2nd payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 3:

Ru-kun 3rd payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 4:

Ru-kun 4th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 5: 

Ru-kun’s 5th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 6:

Ru-kun’s 6th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 7: 

Ru-kun’s 7th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 8:

Ru-kun’s 8th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 9:

Ru-kun’s 9th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 10:

Ru-kun’s 10th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 11: 

Ru-kun’s 11th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 12: 

Ru-kun’s 12th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 13:

Ru-kun’s 13th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

Payment 14:

Ru-kun’s 14th payment from getzen.cash Horizen faucet

The above payments are my first 14 payments from this project. That being said this project is still under the Thoughts Of Everything test stage. The testing started fromm the date of my first payment as it was instant payments and you can claim this faucet once a day (20 hours according to the site). If you want to test this project with me I may still give activity bonuses. To join under me click my referral link here: https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=579187

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More Payments From GlobalHive Zcash Faucet (Payouts 33-53th)

More Payments From GlobalHive Zcash Faucet (Payouts 33-53th)

Hello there everyone and how are you doing at the moment? I hope you are doing ok. I’m ok just getting over being sick. Trying to get my blog post caught up like this post here. I been busy doing server move web host test. Ended up move back to old server. I’ve been slacking off as I stated I would try and make a post once a week for this Zcash faucet but never did as I was trying to fix some other things on some of my other websites and experience one of the worst hosting experiences. We will talk about that a bit later. Now let’s get back to that Zcash faucet payment proof discussion called Globalhive.

A crypto faucet like the Global Hive project are programs that reward it’s users in the form of cryptocurrency(ies). Usually small amounts from captchas and timers on how many time you can do it a day. Now I’m not going to go into too much detail as I plan on making some pages about programs like these with more detail but for right now you can just understand that this is a Zcash faucet. I’m up to 53 payouts now and have not been a member for very long with will I @Ru-Kun will state this project is still under the earning project testing phase (More Information here how we test). 

@Ru-Kun’s Payment Proofs 33 Through 53 

Below you can see my payment proof screenshots from Global Hive. I will state all these payments have been instant, like right after I had claimed the faucet for that day. You can only claim once a day.


Ru-Kun’s 33 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 34 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 35 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 36 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 37 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 38 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 39 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 40 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 41 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 42 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 43 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 44 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 45 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 46 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 47 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 48 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 49 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 50 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 51 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 52 payment proof from Global Hive


Ru-Kun’s 53 payment proof from Global Hive

Like I stated earlier Global Hive is still under testing and will be for a while. I have seen this advertised for a bit and I also did not mention that I join this website doing a paid to sign up offer. I’m still in the process of trying to complete the task and get the payout or the advertiser forget about their PTSU which then I will have to wait until the site’s auto approval completes. I still have earned and added to my Zcash portfolio. So if you would like to test with me that would be awesome if you sign up under me so I can test out the referral system. I will not be rewarding my active referrals just yet as I want to test for just a bit longer and I normally don’t reward so early on in testing of a program. But you can click my referral link to join under me and follow my posts for updates as I plan on reward active referrals.

Join my referral link for Global Hive ($Zcash faucet) click here: https://globalhive.io/r/231722

Thanks for reading.



















41st Payout Cryptotab Mining By Ru-Kun

41st Payout Cryptotab Mining By Ru-Kun

Hello everyone and how are you awesome readers/visitors doing today? I hope you are all doing well. I’m doing ok just been having to doing web server moving more then once as had to deal with a bunch of fucking stupid issues that just could seem to be solved. I @ru-kun will discuss this whole thing in another blog post a bit later as I’m feeling like I have to play catch up. Plus just got sick on Sunday so I have been able to do a thing on anything involving my websites. Anyways, let’s get back to the topic and discuss my 41st payment from Cryptotab mining pool using the cloud miners on phone and sometimes my PC’s hashrate.

Cryptotab is a mining that mines Monero or $XMR and pays you in Bitcoin for your mining. They have multiple apps or miners that make mining crypto easy with little knowledge to setup. It’s makes it easy to mine with your desktop computer. They have an internet browser that mines XMR while your browse the internet. This is the miner you can use to mine with your computer for free though I would not recommend mining with your laptop though you can do mine with one. It’s just gets hot easier so it’s not a worker that should be ran 24 hours. I would only mine when I’m using the device. I normally use my desktop computer, run both Cryptotab Browser‘s Pro and Max versions on my Android mobile device. My pro mobile app worker also as 2x times extra hashrate on top of pro app hashrate. I don’t mine with my desktop 24 hours either. Just sometimes when I’m not using it, or mining other cryptos on other pools. 

@Ru-Kun’s 41st Payment Proof

Ru-Kun 41st payment From Cryptotab

This payment was sent to my Coinbase trading account and was for 0.00004038 BTC. This payment was sent faster then my previous last two payments. *Thumbs Up* Now, I’m not going into too much detail as I have wrote blog post about this program for while. You can check out all the articles/blog post wrote about it here: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/tag/cryptotab-browser/, sorry I just got a lot of website work to get done including finishing up a bunch of articles.

Cryptotab is in the Thoughts Of Everything legit list and currently being test for the Elite earning program list. You can check our disclaimer here about how we test such program: Thought of Everything Earning Program testing disclaimer. I reward my active referrals who sign up as my downline. Must be a new user to sign up. If you not a new user please feel free to share in this post’s comment section of your experience good or bad. But if you want to sign up on this legit mining pool with one of the available apps click one of my link below for either the browser or Cryptotab farm. All use the same account so if you sign up on one you can use them all with some login info.

Join Crypto

Cryptotab Browser: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

Cryptotab Farm: https://cryptotab.farm/apply/TKQSF2AU

Thanks for reading

CashTravel, Now Consider Legit Ru-Kun Got His 6th Payout

CashTravel, Now Consider Legit Ru-Kun Got His 6th Payout

Hello everyone and welcome to another make extra money blog post by @ru-kun. How are you guys today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing ok. I have super slacked off on writing this post but it’s because I have been busy with working on my web hosting website of my business and some other background work on my other websites.

What I am going to write about in this post today is my 6th payout from CashTravel and CashTravel now being list in the Thoughts Of Everything Legit earning site paying list. Now from today we will begin testing this earning/advertising program for elite status. Until I can verify whether or not CashTravel: http://www.cashtravel.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste is a registered company or not. I will ask the admin at a later time as thus far the administrator has been pretty fast at answering questions. Thus far this is the only information I have found: https://www.zoominfo.com/c/cashtravel/542713047 but I will look a bit further later as I’m a little bit behind on posting a couple post beside this blog post.

The Payout

This is my 6th payout and is was done to my business PayPal for money to help cover some of costs of the Thoughts Of Everything and Vivicawolf project. You can take a see my payment proof below. Click the image to view full size.

Ru-Kun’s 6th Payout from CashTravel: http://www.cashtravel.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste

I would like say from this post and on CashTravel will be listed in our legit earning programs and will be currently testing as a none registered business until I can fully verify company registration. I have advertised a lot with good results for some of my company websites. Now for users that signedad up under my referral link through out this post I will reward my active referrals things like cash, advertising, crypto and sign ups/extra referrals. For those of you who still haven’t joined yet click my referral link here: http://www.cashtravel.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste

Thanks for reading and/or clicking my links.


EvolutionScript, Start Your Get Paid to/Advertising Business, A Ru-Kun Rutakus Review

Hello everyone and how is it going at the moment, hopefully well, if not at least hang in there, you got this. I’m still sick but slowly getting better. I have been trying to post this blog post review of the script for a while now since the end of 2022. Actually I quite a few other draft posts to be written beside this one. Now is the time to write about EvolutionScript and give your guys my review. My name is Ru-Kun Rutakus and that is my pen name creative name or whatever you call it. I’m the owner/creator of this website where we talk about ever, create content about everything or whatever. XD 

The web hosting side of my company is in the process of creating special web hosting packages for EvolutionScript. I plan on even having site helper type of services for EvolutionScript sites. This being said at the time of this post I have 3 get paid to and paid to click site that runs on EvolutionScript. Though, mine run an older version 5.9 as I don’t agree with new subscription based licenses due to the industry in itself not able to continue to have license renewal fees. This decision is is part of the reason they will be getting a low view that excepted. My webhosting company will be providing custom EvolutionScript site hosting as well. But I will say that the current industry tainted by scammers 

Some EvolutionScript History

Scammers will getting and try and take as much money as they can before their license expires as the current license options available are; 1 month license for $19.95, 6 months license for $49.95 and for a 1 year license $89.95. If you not making enough money to renew your license means your screwed your site site will not work. You already have web hosting fees domain renewals and if you paying for SSL. Not to mention being able to pay your members for the work they.

Why do this matter? Because most available scripts for get paid to sites, traffic exchanges and other marketing type of web site/app code where users can earn have life licenses and some offer open sourced options for like me who like to sometimes develop things. EvolutionScript used to be like this back when I became a customer, and I’m going to say there are not very many sites left that use the old versions and even know about the old license options.

 They used to have a life license for $189 with 12 months of support/updates and a 99% open source license which is the one I have for my sites for $990.00 with 12 months of support/updates. My sites are Biotech Simulation Clicks, Epic PTC, Atomic PTC, and Offers And Clicks. They have extended support licenses after that which I got every time a new version came out if I didn’t have support on my license. You can see the old prices here on archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20141218150847/http://www.evolutionscript.com/order or many of the other snapshots on there because they have been online since 2014. See their business listing on Dun & Bradstreet: https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-profiles.evolution_script_sac.4a70765de3cf2f13379b62fdb7e5e01f.html

My Experience with The Features & Support

For the most part the script is feature rich and has been using by many site. I like the fact that it does support most major payment processors but lacks a hug selection of payment processors, doesn’t allow for custom payments unless you have a retired license which allowed access 99% of opened code to modify yourself. Most people don’t know how to code anyways. More recent versions been seem to have a bit larger selection of payment processor but still lack add more options and seem to favor their own Coin2Send crypto micropayment system. For the most part the script is pretty solid in that there is a lot of spelling errors but there are some. Just not super noticeable.

Support has been good for the most part but I have had my issues with them disappearing on me without an answer for almost 6 months. on a design I did want help integrating and paid them to do. They did come back and make it right refunded my money plus integrated it but it still had issues the I ended up not using it. I could probably fix it now and use it but that now what we are here for. Other that support for the most part is pretty quick and they fixed thing for me on site before from missing files and such. With all of the above stated I @ru-kun give EvolutionScript a Rating of 6 1/2. This is on a scale of 1-10m 10 being the highest. 

The rating is based of past support experience and they company’s decision to go to subscription based licensing when there are more options available with life licenses or fully/partly opened sourced. But I will say I still would recommend it even if it does only offer subscription based licensing just to see if you can make it. Heck I would advertise if you have ok traffic. So if you would like to run a get paid to marketing business using EvolutionScript you can click my affiliate link here: https://www.evolutionscript.com/ref/3021

I do earn commission so if you need discounted web hosting for sign up under my link contact my company here with your sign up info to verify sign up for discount https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/need-webmaster-services/, custom EvolutionScript hosting packages

Thank you for reading

Again you can get EvolutionScript here: https://www.evolutionscript.com/ref/3021

Cryptotab and Ru-Kun’s 40th Payout

Cryptotab and Ru-Kun’s 40th Payout

Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I not doing that great right I kind of feeling like shit due to being sick. It fucking horrible and I was suppose to work today. But being sick with cold/flu is kicking my ass. Anyways, I got some news here with receiving my 40th payment from Cryptotab Browser. Sorry I have been kind of delayed on writing this because I have been trying to get some other things done and working on solving some issues on my web server that I’ still working on. 

For those of you who are regular visitors know the Cryptotab project is considered a legit program and has gone through a lot of testing. Now for those of you who are new here, I @ru-kun have been testing Cryptotab for 2 years and a couple months. At the date/time of this post to be labelled by the Thoughts Of Everything website as a legit earn extra money program, registered company’s get 2 years testing unregistered earning programs get 3 to 3 and half years of testing. You can read more about our Thoughts Of Everything earning program disclaimer here: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/terms-of-service-and-visiting-agreement/thought-of-everything-earning-program-apps-crypto-investment-projects-disclaimer/.

40th Payment and The Proof

So this is my 40th payment that I had got sent to my Coinbase account(Click here to get a Coinbase trading account). The amount I was paid is 0.0000423 BTC. You can take a look at my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun’s 40th payment received from Cryptotab

I’m always glad when I get paid as every little bit helps and I think there needs to be more honest programs out there. We people need more options to make money and be more able to support ourselves. Elite programs are such programs and I can’t wait to see Cryptotab be on that list. Thanks for reading my post and come back for more

Cryptotab is a legit crypto mining pool so I do reward my active referrals so if you would like to join this program under me click here for Cryptotab Browser: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

or Click here for Cryptotab Farm: https://cryptotab.farm/apply/8J0DZPFJ

39th Payment Request From Cryptotab Updated. Meow Paid

39th Payment Request From Cryptotab Updated. Meow Paid

Hello all you great people out there in the world and how are you all doing right now? I hope you guys are doing ok. I’m doing ok myself and I will say I’m super glad to be writing this post because I have good update on my 39th payment request from Cryptotab Browser. It’s a good update so let’s get into it.

Previously I wrote a post here: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/my-first-payment-issue-with-cryptotab-on-my-39th-payment-request/ about my payout was taking a good amount of time and having to reconfirm my payment request. Then I cancelled the payment, requested a new payment with more of my balance. I then had again to reconfirm my payment request once again. Then not too long after that I was paid. 

Like I have a with my past payments this payment was sent to my Coinbase trading account. I have both Coinbase mobile wallet as well. If you click on the word Coinbase you will be taken to their site and able to create an account. if you create an account, then buy or sell $100 worth of crypto within 180 days of account creation we both get an extra $10 in Bitcoin. But I will also note that I have my crypto in more then one place including the use of hardware wallets.

The Payment Received

My payment was for 0.00004286 BTC and was done on 3-1-2023. At the time of the transaction once received it was worth about $1.01 USD. You can take a look at my payment proof screenshot below.

Ru-Kun’s 39th Payment from Cryptotab

You can take a look at the entire transaction here on the blockchain by clicking this link: https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/transactions/btc/2908c3a14eb0ef717f8576dd4fe80a07d677c4628d1d43ff53a981e543afb321. Now like I said before in my previous post about my payment issue I have not need to contact support. Issue resolved itself on it’s own. Well, I was paid and we have this post LOL. I will say this project/app/mining pool is legit but not yet in my Elite List of earning programs. I haven’t really had any other issues with the project. 

Now we are coming to the end of this blog post and I would like to that you all for reading and clicking/joining anything I post affiliate links for, it helps the site. As well as helps me by free up more time to post. So thanks. Now Cryptotab Browser is a legit program consider by me and legit list for Thoughts of Everything media i.e this site. That being said can click my affiliate links below.

Cryptotab Browser: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

Cryptotab Farm (get a 15% discount on hash power purchases): https://cryptotab.farm/apply/8J0DZPFJ

Thanks again for reading. 

My first Payment Issue With Cryptotab On My 39th Payment Request

My first Payment Issue With Cryptotab On My 39th Payment Request

Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing ok. I have been super busy trying to fix an issue with my email server for most of my network. I have also been trying to relax a bit as well. Spend time with family and such. Got my step son moving in with us soon so trying to get ready for that as well. Plus beside the email server issue. Been trying to do other things on the server to get my web hosting side of my company up and going. Now this is such a post I did not what to ever write but I have my first real payment issue with Cryptotab.

As some of you not but those that don’t know we here at Thoughts Of Everything media don’t feed ya any bullshit. We share the experience and information gathered. Plus, we put programs such as these through long testing before they get labelled as a legit earning program. Even longer testing to be labelled as an Elite earning program. Cryptotab‘s program is on the Thoughts Of Everything legit program list and was just recently added at the beginning of the year. Now because of the following issue testing for our Elite earning program list. It is starting over today 2-23-2023.

The Payment Issue

I recently requested payment from Cryptotab Browser on Feb. 13, 2023. I had seen nothing as far as to movement on my payment to my Coinbase trading account. So I checked it and it needed to be re-confirmed. No notification or anything that it need to be done. So I re-confirmed it then I cancelled my payout and requested a new one  with more in my balance. You can see my screenshots below.

Rukun’s Cancelled payment Cryptotab account info. Requested 2-13-2023 cancelled on 2-22-2023

Ru-Kun’s re-requested 39th payment Cryptotab 2-22-2023

Ru-Kun’s Payment history Cryptotab account with the 39th payment issue.

Now I will say this is really only the first issue. Though some of my payments before have taken longer then was stated. I’m am still promoting that program referral link. This you can find throughout this article. I will also post it at the end of my post. I hope to be able to post some good news about my payment issue in my next post. I will state I have not contacted support at all yet because I cancelled and re-requested payment.

Have you had issues or success with Cryptotab? Please comment below as we like to hear about it. Want to test Cryptotab? Click my link here: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

Thanks for reading!

Pi Network Updates 2022-2023, KYC And Much More With Ru-Kun

Hello everyone our there and how are you all doing? Let me know in the comments section. I hope you all doing ok. Welcome to another blog post about cryptocurrencies and crypto mining. This post is about Pi Network (https://minepi.com/rukun1028) which at the time and date of this post ca not be bought or sold yet. What I mean is Pi Network is not yet a cryptocurrency and not available to public unless you sign up/download the mining app.

Normally, we don’t post blog posts about unverified projects such as this for everyone. These post are normally for members only. But from something link this I think it will be ok. With this all being said I ADVISE you that at the time/date of this post, Pi Network is NOT a verified project and could end up being nothing/scam. BE AWARE OF THIS RISK. Let us do the testing for you. But if you do sign up you cans hare you experience with us as well.

Pi Network is a yet to be launched cryptocurrency that can be mined with your mobile device. It’s not a new concept but it one that spawned a lot of projects just like it. I @ru-kun have been testing this project for a while and have wrote other posts for Thoughts Of Everything which you can check out the Pi Network tag here: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/tag/pi-network/. You will see this post in there as well. I will be sharing my entire experience with this project with you all.

The Ongoing Issues/KYC

So recently, well about the middle of last year 2022 KYC (know your customer) for Pi Network. I had a slot available and applied. First time I was denied. I believe it was because for whatever reason my name in my profile was using my Facebook name rather then my name since my Facebook account is linked/verified with my Pi Network user profile. In fact it uses my online username and musician name Ru-Kun Rutakus @ru-kun, basically my creative name/pen name. Now I have submitted a fix before all this which maybe hasn’t been fixed. 

I had submitted for second KYC and in Pi Browser is was stuck half way. Now doesn’t load at all, gives

“This page could not be loaded”

error. The KYC in my account profile in the mining app has a the loading circle the keeps going. Now I not sure what to think about this project. But at the moment I still turn on my mining every 24 hours most of the time. I have yet to set up an Node but I not sure if I will at this time until I see more movement on my KYC. Have you completed KYC for Pi Network or any other experiences you would like to share? Please comment on this post. If you would still link to test with me click my referral link here: https://minepi.com/rukun1028

Thank For Reading and Stay tuned in for more by creating a user account. 

Ru-Kun’s 37th and 38th Payments From Cryptotab Browser

Ru-Kun’s 37th and 38th Payments From Cryptotab Browser

Hello everyone and how are you guys doing today? I hope you all are doing good. I seem to be on a roll today with posting blog post on this little website. And I’m glad to be posting another payment proof post. This is another payment proof from Cryptotab Browser. I like this app and the entire project thus far as they have always paid me even if it takes a couple of days. I still have been requesting payments once a week.

Cryptotab is a cryptocurrency mining pool mainly mines Monero ($XMR) and pays you in Bitcoin ($BTC). I have been testing out at least Cryptotab Browser for while. It’s a browser that let you mine with some of your computer resources while browsing the internet. The mobile versions of the browser are a cloud miner. But there is a Farm app I haven’t tested but because it all tied to the same account my earning are kind  of link together. 

The Payments

So like I have with every payment thus far I had it send to my Coinbase trading account wallet address. need a Coinbase account get one here: https://coinbase.com/join/LUKACH_K?src=referral-link buy and sell $100 worth in crypto we both get $10 in Bitcoin. This will make it easier if you want to start minign with Cryptotab Browser click here if you want Cryptotab Farm (get 15% discount on all purchases with my link): https://cryptotab.farm/apply/8J0DZPFJ

37th payment

My 37th payment is for 0.00001759 BTC on 2-3-2023. Take a look at my screenshot below. 

Ru-Kun’s 37th payment proof from Cryptotab

Here is the transaction on the blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/transactions/btc/d104ebe47df063f071b339e15c6fcffc2ece45edad94c5ab3db8d4a90d9ab437.

38th Payment

Now this pay was yesterday 2-8-2023 and is for 0.00001622 BTC. See my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun’s 38th payment proof from Cryptotab.

You can see this transaction on the blockchain here: https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/transactions/btc/29a116f422465f40f5dad3aa3a41aee39511ec7af3382d80b9155a211acbc633. So it goes to say that Cryptotab is paying. In fact, it’s labeled legit for Thoughts Of Everything where went we have ad space available for purchase we would allow ads from Cryptotab. now if you would like to join Cryptotab click my referral link here: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

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