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Hello everyone and welcome to the Thoughts Of Everything website i.e. thoughtsofeverything.org or .com. Either top level domain name brings you to the same place. We all here hope you continue to do well and would like to thank you for visiting this website/blog as that what start this all. To keep this story short as I, @Rukun the creator of this site plan on having a different page for that. But Thoughts Of Everything is a combination of a making money online or from home blog, an anime blog and an anime website. 

The Thoughts Of Everything website is basically about everything but I mainly created it a for a place to also promote my creative works. Now I plan this for other who become part of our staff. As this post can be edit I’m currently working on having some staff post content soon, such as art work and written works. I already have my music on here. But the creative side is much big and for a latter discussion as the Thoughts Of Everything project is something of it’s own with more to it as we do a lot of investigating of different earning project, including crypto and crypto-mining, lot and different software projects, reviews for many thing including anime, and other geeky stuff. Now we do our best to represent all information provided. And because we are also community based we can’t always control what our users post but we want user to be able to provide their own thoughts or experiences with whatever is being discussed at a given time. But we do have rules which are stated in our terms of service. Thanks for reading.   

My 17th Payment From CryptoTab Mining Pool/Browser

My 17th Payment From CryptoTab Mining Pool/Browser

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I Hope you all are doing well out there and being as safe as you can. I’m not going to go too much in to writing a long post as I don’t really have a lot of time as I have to start getting ready for work. Considering I have been writing about Cryptotab Browser/Mining Pool.

So for those of you that don’t know Cryptotab is a internet browser and/or mining pools that pays in Bitcoin. I have been testing this mining pools for a bit and I’m up to 17 payouts, though I’m missing a payment proof on this site but it’s ok. Anyways, the payment was sent to my Coinbase wallet. Now, I actually waiting 2 weeks this time for my payout so it much more then from my weekly payout test. Now this payout is 0.00003148 BTC and you can see my screenshot below.

Ru-kun's 17th Payout Cryptotab

Ru-kun’s 17th Payout Cryptotab

Now for those of you curious enough here is the transaction on Blockhain dot com: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/4350987eb351b8c912437a371b99c1dcff0c9281ea350355218bee61ed8ebbe4. Now like I have stated this site is only our Thoughts Of Everything test list but soon will be labelled as a legit income/semi-passive income, but I am reward my most active referrals who sign up on my link here: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

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Ru-Kun Got his Second Payment From Nice Hash Crypto Mining Pool

Ru-Kun Got his Second Payment From Nice Hash Crypto Mining Pool

Hello there everyone and how is it going today? Hopefully well. I’m not doing too bad, glad it is my day off work busting my ass at Amazon getting off at 4:30am PST this morning. I’m still pretty tired as I have been working a bunch of mandatory overtime. This week no overtime thankfully, now let get to the subject at hand about this payment from a mining pool while you all join me on the journey to bring you the legit and scam investigations on making money online and passive or semi-passive income. 

So for those of you that don’t know what Nicehash is, it is basically a crypto mining pool where you can easily mine crypto and be paid in Bitcoin. The software choices the most profitable coin to mine based on your computer’s specs. Mining pools can be sometime a better option for mining crypto for those that don’t have the fund to make it profitable in that it can take months to find your first block on the blockchain to confirm even. Nicehash and it’s available PC software making it easy to set up you home PC and a passive income machine if you got ok spec and a deceit graphic card and CPU. Minimum payout to request to your Bitcoin wallet outside Nicehash is 0.0005 BTC. Now below is my second payout to my Coinbase account. 0.00050377 BTC was requested and got 0.00049877 BTC after mining fee. See below.

Ru-kun's 2nd Payout from Nicehash

Ru-kun’s 2nd Payout from Nicehash

Now you can also see the transaction here on the blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/be033968adbc6dbed84de64fb7f7a67255bfef6011117be97ef79345ad1aa71f. Now I will say that I am testing this project and I will be verifying it by next year which I will stated at the time of this post will be less testing time due to the factor Nicehash is a registered company in British Virgin Islands see that information I have gathered/verified with the info provide by the company about us page: https://www.datocapital.vg/companies/Nicehash-Ltd.html#details. With this being said I will be rewarding users it they are actively making more then one purchases in the hashpower marketplace as I earn only commissions from sales. I don’t earn from mining activity on this pool like I do on some of the other crypto mining pools I have tested. Now if you want to join regardless, click my affiliate link here: https://www.nicehash.com/?refby=aedf091d-32be-463e-8ec2-1b2d0c6109c6

Thanks for reading.

Noyce Online People, I Just Got My 15th Payout Cryptotab

Noyce Online People, I Just Got My 15th Payout Cryptotab

Hello all you awesome readers, visitors, etc and welcome to another Cryptotab payment proof post. Yes, I have been writing/blogging about Cryptotab for a while now. Fuck, it’s all over in our Thoughts Of Everything news since I started push my test with the project to try and get paid each week, which I have been able to do so thus far. Now, I hope you guys are doing good or making the best your can out there, but now let jump in to this blog post.

So like I said I got paid again and it’s my 15th payment thus far at the time of this post. I will also make a note that I have one super active referral which I have already rewarded once already for their active by given them advertising credits on my get-paid-to website called Offers And Clicks so that he can advertise his referral link.

So 15th payout was done to my Coinbase account and was about 0.00001491 BTC. Minimum payout is 0.00001000 BTC. See my screenshot below.

Rukun's 15th Cryptotab payout

Rukun’s 15th Cryptotab payout

Here is the transaction on the blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/2a932dbef98b35a9b570ed3f8636791636e7377b731087a38970b2580d2b8256. This amount is pretty much what I have been cashing out each week and remember this is only currently part time earnings as I don’t run my PC all the time and also I’m testing other mining pools as well, I plan on running an system 24 hours here soon on this mining pool. Remember guys Cryptotab is still in my testing list but will most likely be labeled as legit at the end of this year and I’m already rewarding my active referrals. So if you want to join and testing with me click my referral link here: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

Thanks for reading and/or clicking any of my affiliate links in this post it help[ support me nd partly this site at the time of this post. Don’t forget you can create an account on Thoughts Of Everything and comment/join our community. Thanks again.

Ru-kun’s 5th Payment Received From Where The Money Grows

Ru-kun’s 5th Payment Received From Where The Money Grows

Hellos you all out there in the land of the internet and how are you all doing? I hope your all doing well out there. I’m doing ok, have to work tonight which I’m not looking forward to. But I’m working on kicking things up an bit with all my projects. Anyways let’s get to this.

So for those of you that don’t know Where The Money Grows (WTMG for short) is a paid-to-click, get-paid-to, and traffic exchange. It’s a great spot for your to earn extra money viewing advertiser’s ads or complete microtasks. Also has a free traffic exchange to surf to get free advertising credits. Remember at the time of this post this site is on our testing list and will be finished and labelled legit by the end of this year.

Now I’m not going to go into to a lot of detail as I got bunch of stuff going on and got to start getting ready for work soon. But I got my 5th payment from this project to my Paypal (PYPL stock code) account. My payout was $2.14 before fees see my screenshot below.

Ru-kun's 5th payment from Where The Money Grows

Ru-kun’s 5th payment from Where The Money Grows

The admin of this site also run another project/website that I have also been paid out on and can actually request payout on now. Now I will also I have bunch of my own ads running on this site so you know I’m an advertiser here. Now again I still working to confirm and label the is project as safe, so it’s still in our testing list but I @ru-kun will reward active referrals who join that Thoughts Of Everything website to stay in contact. Sign up by linking my referral link here to join Where The Money Grows: http://www.wherethemoneygrows.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste

Thanks for reading


Rukun’s 14th Payment From Cryptotab Mining Pool

Rukun’s 14th Payment From Cryptotab Mining Pool

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I know I just post not to long ago and asked this in my previous post. I’m going to keep this post short as I got to start getting ready for work. So here we go with what I’m going to post about.

Now I just got my 14th payment from Cryptotab to my Coinbase account. Here is the blockcahin transaction for my payouts: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/d052c62eb8dbcb692eb2bd2e1fede9095fdd9418157aefade0a312ad3c329ddc Now here is my 14th payout screenshot

Rukun's 14th payment from Cryptotab

Rukun’s 14th payment from Cryptotab

Thanks for reading and or join my link which will be down below but remember we are still testing this program I am recommending it and rewarding active referral. Now if you want to join with me click this link to join Cryptotab: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

Ru-kun Got His 1st Payment From Heedyou

Ru-kun Got His 1st Payment From Heedyou

Hello everyone and how is it going? Hopefully your all doing well out there today. I’m doing ok, hanging in there not looking forward to working mandatory overtime but it is what it is I need money got bills and shit to pay. Now I’m going to keep this post short as I have to write another blog post about another payment proof as well. 

Now I have testing this site for a bit but also not as active as I’m am on site that I have been on at the moment., The site is called HeedYou and it is mainly a PTC (paid to click) site where you earn extra money viewing ads. They currently support Paypal (stock code PYPL) Skrill and Payeer. Thought I can’t recommend Payeer due them not allowing United States to use their services. Paypal and Skrill is something I can recommend. Now this is from first payout from site and I got it through Paypal which is going straight into reinvesting my business. See my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's 1st Payment from HeedYou

Ru-Kun’s 1st Payment from HeedYou

Now since this is my first payout I will stated that you must understand that we here at Thoughts Of Everything still can’t say whether or not this program is legit of not. But if you would like to join and test with us You can click this link here to join under me: https://heedyou.com/?r=MrRuste

Thanks for reading and if you like what we do here don’t forget to join our community and/or support our site help us stay online.