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Hello everyone and welcome to my best earnings page where I, Mr.Ruste aka Ru-Kun will display all the programs I’m currently doing and earning money and/or advertising/traffic from. What I mean is most programs you can earn cash from but some are ads only or traffic exchanges. Though, I will mention I rarely join ads only programs due to not having a lot of extra time for those type of programs. But I do use them and they will be listed here as well. But I will have each listed in a category so you will know which are ads only or one you can earn.

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ELITE PTC(paid to click) and GPT (get paid to) programs

Elite Networks

1  . Comical Clicks

2. Where the Money Grows (Same owner as number one Comical Clicks)

3. CashTravel

Paying Programs (Legit) PTC/GPT

1. HeedYou:HeedYou 

Paying Programs (testing phase)

  1. GPT Planet
  2. Optimalbux

PTC/GPT Paid to Click/Get Paid to new sites/testing no payout yet.

  1. Scarlet-Clicks:

Paying Traffic Exchanges

1. Adhits4U:

Traffic Exchanges (Testing phase)

  1. Hungry For Hits
    Hungry For Hits banner
  2. Fabulous TE
  3. Traffic PI
  4. SuperFastHits
  5. Sotuk Traffic
  6. Leads Leap
  7. You2Surf
  8. Cool Cat Hits
  9. Just Good Traffic:

Crypocurrency Programs/Mining (paying)

  1. Nicehash:
  2. CryptoTab Browser:
  3. Cudominer:

Crypocurrency Programs/Mining (testing)

  1. PI Network (new project) : (rukun1028 refer code)
  2. Bee (new project): and must use code “rukun1028”
  3. TimeStope (new project):
  4. Star Network. Use the referral code to boost: rukun428. Download at
  5. Join Cheatmoon and use rukun428 as invite code Download on and get 10 Cheatmoons for free!
  6. Co-Met Network Download Co-Met Mining Network App at

    Use my referral code : Rukun

    for a bonus 

  7. Catstar:
  8. Omega:

Faucets (Paying)

Faucets (Testing)

  1. Free USDCoin:
  2. Free Nem:
  3. Free Cardano:
  4. CoinFaucet (free XRP):
  5. Free BTC:
  6. Free Steam:
  7. Free Tether:
  8. Free BinanceCoin:
  9. Free Ethereum:
  10. Free Tron:
  11. Free Dash:
  12. Free Chainlink:
  13. Free NEO:
  14. Free Litecoin:
  15. Free Doge:
  16. Free ShibaInu:

Other Programs (Paying/Testing)


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