MrRuste’s/Rukun’s Pi Network Information Page

  1. Hello there visitor and welcome to my $Pi Network page. Thanks for coming to visit. My name is Russ (here on Thoughts Of Everything “Rukun”, record music under “MrRuste” as well as in the earning community) and I’m here to tell you briefly about Pi Network which is an up coming crypto/blockchain project developed by some Stanford University staff/graduates.


Now This project has yet to be launched but it’s is getting closer to launch time so for those of you who missed out on $Bitcoin can jump on spaceship with Pi Network and shoot for the moon by mining $Pi with your mobile device.

Read about different experience and updates about the project provided by Thoughts Of Everything Staff here where all blog posts about Pi exist:

Join and download Pi Network app here: and enter my invitation code “rukun1028”

Thanks for reading/visiting this page!!!


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