Hello there everyone out there in internet land and how are you all doing at this moment? I hope you are all doing ok out there. I’m doing ok, I have been super busy and working a lot of hours at my other job. I kind of only get one day off most of the time. So I’m kind of behind on a lot of things which is also the reason I haven’t been to get my posts like this one done after I have received the payment proof. I love to write these kind of post where I discuss getting payments from work-from-home programs. This is what I will be discussing in the article below.

The work-from-home program I am going to talk about is called AdzBazar. AdzBazar is a paid-to-click/get-paid-to website/program where you can do easy tasks such as viewing advertisers’ websites or completing a paid-to-sign-up offer or online surveys. Programs like this one make it easy for a person to earn extra money as I will say you shouldn’t ever depend on one source of income. It’s like that saying goes “Don’t have all your eggs in one basket” or something like that. The same goes for earning extra cash online or from home. Don’t let any program tell you they are the only platform you need to earn from home.

Like other paid-to-click/get-paid-to programs, AdzBazar is also a place where people advertise. I have not advertised yet but I plan to use my second payout when I get to the minimum amount I need for PTC credits as I have my own business that needs to grow including this website. The site has been online for a long while but I haven’t tested it yet. 

@Ru-Kun’s 1st Payout From AdzBazar

Even though this is my first payout from this website, it is on my watch list as the payout was slow to get. I requested in Feb 2024 and was paid in March. The admin runs a bunch of other sites some were taken over as the other admin couldn’t run the sites anymore. The websites AdzBazar’s admin had taken over had a huge debt. So this could be a reason for slow payouts? On one of those sites, I have a pending payout of $0.90 since December 2023, still waiting. For the other two I was paid out on one payment, one was fast and the other one was slow. See my first payment screenshot from AdzBazar below.

Ru-Kun's 1st payment from AdzBazar
Ru-Kun’s 1st payment from AdzBazar

My first payout was received into my Airtm account in USDC. Like I said this program in on my testing and watch list, so I will not be rewarding my active referrals at this time. I joined this site myself completing a paid-to-signup offer. This could change in the future. If you still want to come and test with me my affiliate link is right here, thanks for the support:

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