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Welcome to our Advertise With Us web page. We offer advertising on our site to help cover the costs and help make it worthwhile for our staff to create all this content for the Thoughts Of Everything media project. 100% of ad income to running the site cost than staff. Helps keep most of our content free as well. 

Why Advertise With Us?

The best way to answer this is we are a family and staff-owned platform created by Ru-Kun Rutakus (@Ru-Kun) a person with disabilities having back and spine issues after being in a car accident. He has multiple tech, software, and computer skills to manage the site well. Does all he can to stop spammers and ensures within his power the highest quality traffic and website users/visitors. Bad traffic is blocked when found. We also use various software to check various spammer and bad traffic blocklists. Though we are based in Spokane, WA USA we are a global media and content brand. We advertise ourselves globally through many different advertising mediums. The last reason you want to advertise with us is because most everything goes to us and who we are with the exemption of fees that go to any payment processor or digital asset used to pay for advertising.

We accept, PayPal, Skrill, Airtm, and many popular cryptocurrencies/altcoins/digital assets.

We offer a wide range of advertising methods from various banner size ads, text/link ads, and other ads with more advanced scripts/code such as javascript or animation. All ads are for 30 days or more from the time the payment is processed on our side. Unlimited impressions and clicks during the 30 days.

Our Prices in USD

Banners Ads Prices

  • 468 by 60 pixel banner: $5.25 for 30 days
  • 180 by 100 pixel banner: $4.25 for 30 days

Text/Link Ads Prices

  • Link advertisement with Title (30 character limit) only clickable to new window or browser tab with your URL: $2.25 for 30 days
  • Text Advertisement with title (30 character limit) and text description of ad (80 character limit): $3.25 for 30 days.


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