Hello everyone and how are you all doing right now at the time of this post? I’m doing ok. I’m working a shit ton of hours at my other job as a landscaper and it’s pretty brutal on my body. It’s part of the reason I’m behind on posting content here. Sorry about that guys. I  have been working on bringing in other content creators to my site but it is hard to find people who want to do it.

This article is my favorite type of article to write as it is about money I received to help me survive, keep my websites online, and so on. Today, I will discuss two payment proofs from two paid-to-click websites owned by the same administrator. These websites are on my Elite Earning program list so you can trust them and even better, great for your advertising needs.

I have been a member for a bit and have had great support with fast responses when needed. There are many things to do on both sites. A good amount of people advertise there including myself. I have also upgraded my accounts a few times and plan on upgrading my accounts again soon. There is much more to say about Comical ClicksWhere The Money Grows as they are Elite earning/paying websites by my book.

@Ru-Kun’s 9th Comical Clicks & Where The Money Grows Payment Proof

Because I requested my payout for both sites and the fact the admin knows me from various times contacted, I got both payouts in one payment to my PayPal account. I also use the same user name which makes it easier. See my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's Comical Clicks & WTMG 9th payout
Ru-Kun’s Comical Clicks & WTMG 9th payout

Both these websites have been online for a long time. The admin is super active and has an active helper/staff member. Being on my Elite Earning programs list if you are or become part of my downline, I will reward you for your active. It’s best to create a Thoughts Of Everything account and follow me/contact me. Now to make sure you are in my downline you can click my referral links for each website below.

Comical Clicks:

Where The Money Grows:

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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