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If Your WordPress Website Owner “Stop Spammers” Is A Plugin You Need

I will say that I have  Hello everyone how are you all doing today? Hopefully your all are being safe out there. I know I’m doing my best to be safe. I think we all get through this and thank you to those we have lost during this whole pandemic thing. With this being said I would also like to thank those of you who are essential workers and/or have been working the whole or most of the pandemic where you live. I have been working myself and again doing my best to stay safe. Sucks that others don’t as much. But I’m waiting to be able to get my vaccine and it sucks as I wasn’t able to qualify even with Asthma and working as a cleaner for a cleaning company. Anyways, that’s enough of that stuff and we shall move on.

So for those who maybe be reading this post and/or visiting this site for the first time, out website, Thoughts Of Everything runs on a blog type website script called WordPress and basically we are a blog and I, Rukun and the owner/creator of this site. But see and have been working on making something bigger then a little blog. But I have a couple of blogs on blogger that I don’t really post on them any more but we still maintain them for historical purposes and I had most of the post so far into this blog and those blog and a community style anime website which is the name of our anime category. But anyways some of the things I write about and investigate bring a lot of haters. I like to write about legit ways to make extra money online and as well also write about scams. Since the full launch of this site I have had one such problem scammer after I had confronted the scammer and the very first post I wrote about the bastard had disappeared after my webserver had got hacked or DDoS attacked while I was sleeping and was unable to recover the original. Since then I had add more then one type of security items to the site since this little bastard and then on top of that pretty much all website owners who allow some sort of communication with their whatever type of website deals with spammers and bots. 

So one such nice little plugin that I installed after this fucking thing pardon my language sorry not sorry but that how I feel. Anyways, this little plugin called Stop Spammers along with another plugin that I believe used to be default with WordPress called limit login attempts which has helped out a lot. Now what is nice about Stop Spammers is that plugin is that it allows you to use such services API keys like StopForumSpam, Project Honeypot, and BotScout. This gives it even more protection the the problematic spammers from around the need mean these ones hit a lot of sites and discussion forums, etc other type of sites.

So with just this bit I have stated I have been using the free version of this plugin and along side Limit Login Attempts Reloaded / Limit Login Attempts on the site for while. It many protections options such as blocking people who using what is called disposable emails to hidden who they are or check for exploits. There is also options for create your own blocklist or block whole countries. Now we don’t currently or hope to ever block any country on this site. Regardless, we have had a lot of extra protection with the Stop Spammers plugin which is kind of one of those must haves if you run a WordPress website and allow users to register. Since I have installed the plugin 2018/04/10 223992 spammers have been blocked by the plugin.

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Stupid People Episode 1: Dumb Ass Burn Your Mask Challenge Stupid Truly Comes out Covid19 (Fact & Opinion Article)

Hello everyone, Rukun here. How is everyone doing? I’m good for the most part just at times the stupid in the world gets to be too much so I’m thinking that maybe writing more articles about this as most good people don’t act this way and I makes me want to rage. So in a sense this might easy those emotions and I will first say that I truly hate writing about people like this just as I hate having to write about scammers or other shitty stuff that happens in the world but maybe I see it has hopefully showing people of how not to act. But not likely from my current perspective. Anyways, as we are all in the same situation as far as the Covid19 pandemic people’s true colors come out in the worst of it. Now I am an essential worker and also a high risk person for Covid19 as I have asthma. Well also back issues and more recently pain in my knee but that might not be as much of an issue as asthma. Now lot of people who are given a choice not to wear a mask do so and put other at risk if they are carrying Covid19 without knowing it. Trump Supporters are the worse.

Anyways, someone shared an article about someone named Ashley Smith who tries to start a stupid ass challenge called Burn Your Mask /#IgniteFreedom just because they don’t want to wear a mask. The article: that inspired me to write this shitty thing but still comes from the fucking heart. As I the owner of this site and stand for life #betterhumansbureau, #BetterHumansSociety. People like this person are the most selfish human being on the planet and just a little bit of my own digging the people don’t seem to be one to deal with. They do own a business as well, just saying. The business is called Blue Ridge Merchants. The reason I know this information is due to the fact that the video is also posted on the Facebook page: which is from a page called ReopenNC (NC is North Carolina for those living outside the US). There they have a domain to a website for their page: where they are even using kids to promote their a beliefs. See this edited screenshot below.

I have an un-edit screenshot available in anyone wants to question the above image. Anyways, after I looked into who owns the domain name through Domain tools the Registrant Organization says Blue Ridge merchants see here: and there is also a domain for the business as well here: Now, they don’t have that great of Google business reviews either one person even states:

“Has a tendency to push his political opinions on folks:” stated by Andrew S google reviews

Anther one stating something about “dangerous people to do business with” but either way this not a business I would support as any business that would want to risk lives of the all for the select few are not the ideas I think make good people. With the statement about political views I find common among Trump supporters from my own experience. Not saying these guys are as I haven’t cared enough to dig any further into these people or business/brand. But I really don’t think wasting masks and other such BBE to prove to your point is s damned selfish thing to do and I think hospital and other such place who have restriction on how my PPE we are are allowed to use in a day. Personally I would like to say fuck you to ReopenNC now and Blueridge Merchants as these people don’t truly care about life or those around them by only thinking about their selves.  Anyways, as we here at Thoughts Of Everything always stand for all peoples. Thanks you for reading. Don’t for get to sign up on Thoughts Of Everything so you can comment on our post and join in on our member only community. If you would like to support us we accept donations and you get lifetime upgraded account and other benefits including discounts from my business. Thanks again for reading.