CashTravel, Now Consider Legit Ru-Kun Got His 6th Payout

CashTravel, Now Consider Legit Ru-Kun Got His 6th Payout

Hello everyone and welcome to another make extra money blog post by @ru-kun. How are you guys today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing ok. I have super slacked off on writing this post but it’s because I have been busy with working on my web hosting website of my business and some other background work on my other websites.

What I am going to write about in this post today is my 6th payout from CashTravel and CashTravel now being list in the Thoughts Of Everything Legit earning site paying list. Now from today we will begin testing this earning/advertising program for elite status. Until I can verify whether or not CashTravel: is a registered company or not. I will ask the admin at a later time as thus far the administrator has been pretty fast at answering questions. Thus far this is the only information I have found: but I will look a bit further later as I’m a little bit behind on posting a couple post beside this blog post.

The Payout

This is my 6th payout and is was done to my business PayPal for money to help cover some of costs of the Thoughts Of Everything and Vivicawolf project. You can take a see my payment proof below. Click the image to view full size.

Ru-Kun’s 6th Payout from CashTravel:

I would like say from this post and on CashTravel will be listed in our legit earning programs and will be currently testing as a none registered business until I can fully verify company registration. I have advertised a lot with good results for some of my company websites. Now for users that signedad up under my referral link through out this post I will reward my active referrals things like cash, advertising, crypto and sign ups/extra referrals. For those of you who still haven’t joined yet click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading and/or clicking my links.


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Atomic PTC, One of my Company’s Paid to Click Websites

For most of your readers, you probably didn’t know I have my own PTC (paid-to-click) sites. I have 3 two I’ve owned for while and one I just installed and open using Evolution Script version 5.3 right now through I will be planning on doing an script upgrade here soon as I know 5.4 is out now and I’m paying for extended support for the script. All my current PTC sites run on EvoScript but we will only be talking about Atomic PTC here in this post. I started Atomic PTC back in I think 2010 I would have to look at old databases or something but Atomic PTC first was running on Maderite Scripts which is a custom version of Aurora GPT script. Also Atomic PTC used to use the dot info top level domain now uses the dot com as I lost the other domain due to being offline for personal and health reasons which is why I’m planning hiring some staff soon. Our PTC (paid-to-click) web sites are part of our sub-company we are calling PeeTree Ad Network which is a part of my company called Rutakus. So I restored the site to the new domain name and manually imported the old database. Though I lost some of my plugins for the time being but I plan on repurchasing them for the dot com domain unless EvoScript decides to be awesome and change the domain for my plugins but I know they won’t as I already asked them and was told no.

Anyways, free members earn 1% commissions on purchases and $0.05 per referral upgrade. Upgraded members earn 2% on purchases. Though, I’m still doing some on this site and the rest of my network. You can join now and start earning. Payouts are done through PayPal at this time Bitcoin and Skrill coming soon. Bitcoin is available for purchases at this time in the value of USD.

To join my site Atomic PTC visit here:

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Scarlet-Clicks Most trusted Paid to Click

Well, what can I say about Scarlet-Clicks!!! Well awesomeness is the first that comes to my mind. Scarlet-Clicks has been around since 2009 and the owner is very trusted and they have been a paying site for a long time. They first ran on a script called aurora gpt script and the admin open another site which also ran in aurora gpt script then the admin switch to a different script provider called Evolution Script which the site still uses today. I have myself been paid by the site many times and I’m actually the admin’s downline on a traffic exchange called which is a must if your trying to get referrals for Scarlet-Clicks. The web site has many options to earn extra cash. Paid to click which is earning cash for viewing web sites. PTSU or paid to sign up earn money by signing up on offers per advertiser’s instructions, and then there is the Scarletgrid where you can up to a $1 in prize for clicking through the grid where prizes are random. There is many other things you can do to earn money. They also have a traffic exchange which you can view websites for traffic to any site your want. Or you can just buy advertising credits instead for your websites. Scarlet also has few options for requesting payout. Bitcoin (get you wallet here which I’m to start playing around with myself. But you can also request through Skrill, Litecoin, DASH, Payeer and solidtrustpay. The are a few other but you will just have to join to see for yourself. You can either click the Scarlet-clicks banner above or my referral link below. The both make your my downline which means you probably want to join Thoughts of Everything right now so you can get help from me if you need it.

My Scarlet-Clicks referral link:

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