Making extra money online can be hard and discouraging. The biggest reason for this is because of the amount of scams out there. But other factor pertain to payment processor, which still can be broken as scams and shady people/businesses cause a lot of the issues. Other maybe be that a payment processor is scam it’s self. Either way us people that blog about never really helped the situation because when it comes down to it all us making money online bloggers real only focus was about getting referrals and nothing more. Some of us provided help but only to a point to try and gain fast referrals. The thing I found that creates is a bunch of inactive referrals because a lot of them don’t know what they doing, I was once that person and ended up wasting my time on scams. There is a lot of people that I heard wasting lot of money to and losing it to. I was just a little more into doing to the research. I still lost money on things but I ended up getting some of it back on taxes because I have been reporting my earning to my government since I have been making money. Big reason is it creates less issues if your doing everything by the book. And I was able to recover money spent on advertising my self or cost of running the blog/website. So this time around I’m going to be a lot more focused on volunteering my time to help my referrals earn and watch out for scams which I’m creating the Thoughts of Everything earning team for this. Once I get this going remember I don’t get paid to help, I doing it because I want to and never really head it when I first start. But in a sense helping you make money helps me make money in one way, shape, or form LOL But I almost want to create a organization that goes after the scams and makes them held accountable for there actions and they hurt everyone. It made it hard for my 2 sites to run. Even  though I plan on bring them back as soon as I pay off all old debit. But back to the help thing, remember I have a life as all your guys do to and I don’t aspect anything from anyone as we all like do our own things. But anyways, help is always available  in my post comments or if you need more personal help Click here to contact me by my email

Anyways, to get you guys started your probably want to get yourself an account with some of the most commonly used payment processors.

Paypal would be the first; no referral program though so you can’t make extra money promoting the payment processor. Paypal has been used less and less because Paypal don’t really like these types business. My suggestion would be get it verified and link your bank account that way your able to transfer your earnings over as Paypal has frozen many honest user and business accounts even anime/comic/manga online retail stores. So I suggest doing so to be as honest and to Paypal’s or any payment process rules. So here is Paypal click here to get an account

Next one is called Skrill, and I haven’t used it too much backi when I was doing last time I a lot more sites were able to use Paypal and I always got my payout in Paypal. Skrill does have a referral program so it looks like you can earn money for referring people to use their payment processor which I’m going to do as I need money LOL If you want to do the same thing click my referral link here and get yourself a Skrill account today and I will thank you in advance here if you sign-up. I’m currently in the process of getting my account fully verified and suggest thing for you guys.

If you need help go a head and ask in the comments of this post> I will do the best I can or try and find the answer/solution so we both would know how to do it

Thanks for read. Sorry if there is spelling and grammar errors LOL I think I got them all before I posted

By Ru-Kun

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