Just as the title of this post say, I received my forth payment from Prowling Panther, well actually I got it on the 27th of September, but just haven’t had the time to take a screen and post the payment proof. Click HERE to see the payments
In other news LOL updates I mean, I will probably be removing a couple sites of from my awaiting payment sites because they just seem to have disappeared off of the face of the net. This kind of irritates me but I guess it is to be expected.
Nothing too much else new, just in the search for a full time job, so I can start paying off my student loans and such. I will still be doing this PTC/GPT thing and will do my best to maintain this blog as well as my other blog. Anyways thats it for the moment. Thanks for reading. 😀

This post was first posted by Rukun on his old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/09/forth-payment-received-from-prowling.html

By Ru-Kun

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