Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope you all staying safe. Welcome to another installment of I have no idea what to call this at this moment. But what this is about is we here at thoughts of everything talk/test/research everything. Some of the topic we research and test is about all the things around the world to make extra money, passive income, making money online, investing, payment processing and other such topics around the working for your self or being your own boss. Please note I’m not a professional in investing so I don’t know everything and we just share our experiences or our research when it comes to apps or programs that can be used for such things. Basically we test these programs so you don’t have to. You can then make a choice to whether or not you want top join a program or not. Remember, if you like what we do here you can support us to help us keep doing this by visiting our how to become a supporter page: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/what-is-paid-access-and-how-to-get-it/ and you can even send us “Tips” through Brave Browser as stated on the above page.

 Now, I was planning on having this be a short article but I guess it is what it is, so lets get to this thing. Now if you guys haven’t been reading my previous post about CryptoTab Browser where you can mine Bitcoins with your internet browser. Now I have been testing this program for a little bit now and I have been paid 3 times thus far with the program. I just requested and received my 3rd payment the other day. Now I’m running the CryptoTab browser on my mobile with the “Pro” version so now I have another device mining. So now your guys want top see my 3rd payment proof? Here you go, remember that even though we have been paid by this program it is still in our testing phases. You can click the image below to view full size.

CryptoTab Browser 3rd payment

Now thanks for readin and if you want to join under us which also supports us thank you as well, click this link to join/download: https://cb.run/MyCryptoTabPromoWork

By Ru-Kun

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