Hello everyone and how are you guys doing today? I hope you all are doing good. I seem to be on a roll today with posting blog post on this little website. And I’m glad to be posting another payment proof post. This is another payment proof from Cryptotab Browser. I like this app and the entire project thus far as they have always paid me even if it takes a couple of days. I still have been requesting payments once a week.

Cryptotab is a cryptocurrency mining pool mainly mines Monero ($XMR) and pays you in Bitcoin ($BTC). I have been testing out at least Cryptotab Browser for while. It’s a browser that let you mine with some of your computer resources while browsing the internet. The mobile versions of the browser are a cloud miner. But there is a Farm app I haven’t tested but because it all tied to the same account my earning are kind  of link together. 

The Payments

So like I have with every payment thus far I had it send to my Coinbase trading account wallet address. need a Coinbase account get one here: https://coinbase.com/join/LUKACH_K?src=referral-link buy and sell $100 worth in crypto we both get $10 in Bitcoin. This will make it easier if you want to start minign with Cryptotab Browser click here if you want Cryptotab Farm (get 15% discount on all purchases with my link): https://cryptotab.farm/apply/8J0DZPFJ

37th payment

My 37th payment is for 0.00001759 BTC on 2-3-2023. Take a look at my screenshot below. 

Ru-Kun's 37th payment proof from Cryptotab 0.00001759 BTC
Ru-Kun’s 37th payment proof from Cryptotab

Here is the transaction on the blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/transactions/btc/d104ebe47df063f071b339e15c6fcffc2ece45edad94c5ab3db8d4a90d9ab437.

38th Payment

Now this pay was yesterday 2-8-2023 and is for 0.00001622 BTC. See my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's 38th payment proof from Cryptotab 0.00001622 BTC
Ru-Kun’s 38th payment proof from Cryptotab.

You can see this transaction on the blockchain here: https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/transactions/btc/29a116f422465f40f5dad3aa3a41aee39511ec7af3382d80b9155a211acbc633. So it goes to say that Cryptotab is paying. In fact, it’s labeled legit for Thoughts Of Everything where went we have ad space available for purchase we would allow ads from Cryptotab. now if you would like to join Cryptotab click my referral link here: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

Want the Cryptotab Farm click my link here: https://cryptotab.farm/apply/8J0DZPFJ

Thanks for reading 

By Ru-Kun

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