CashTravel, Now Consider Legit Ru-Kun Got His 6th Payout

CashTravel, Now Consider Legit Ru-Kun Got His 6th Payout

Hello everyone and welcome to another make extra money blog post by @ru-kun. How are you guys today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing ok. I have super slacked off on writing this post but it’s because I have been busy with working on my web hosting website of my business and some other background work on my other websites.

What I am going to write about in this post today is my 6th payout from CashTravel and CashTravel now being list in the Thoughts Of Everything Legit earning site paying list. Now from today we will begin testing this earning/advertising program for elite status. Until I can verify whether or not CashTravel: is a registered company or not. I will ask the admin at a later time as thus far the administrator has been pretty fast at answering questions. Thus far this is the only information I have found: but I will look a bit further later as I’m a little bit behind on posting a couple post beside this blog post.

The Payout

This is my 6th payout and is was done to my business PayPal for money to help cover some of costs of the Thoughts Of Everything and Vivicawolf project. You can take a see my payment proof below. Click the image to view full size.

Ru-Kun’s 6th Payout from CashTravel:

I would like say from this post and on CashTravel will be listed in our legit earning programs and will be currently testing as a none registered business until I can fully verify company registration. I have advertised a lot with good results for some of my company websites. Now for users that signedad up under my referral link through out this post I will reward my active referrals things like cash, advertising, crypto and sign ups/extra referrals. For those of you who still haven’t joined yet click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading and/or clicking my links.


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Sweet, I Got My First Payment From Rotate4All

Sweet, I Got My First Payment From Rotate4All

Hello there everyone and how i the world are you all doing today? Hopefully all is going well. I’m not doing too bad myself though the day, I had a flat tire when I got off work at 4:30am in the morning and had to miss work the day before to get it fixed as I just bought the tires and had them fixed under the tire shops warranty due to the tires being used as I’m on budget. But so far it seem to be ok. Anyways, not lets get back on the task of this blog post.

Now, I have been testing out this program for a bit now though as with other programs that I can’t verify whether or not they are going to be a paying or scam. But this is what I/we do here at Thoughts Of Everything test extra money making programs, passive earning and so on, kind of like scam hunters but also the ones to bring the best beer money or bud money programs that can get you that extra cash for whatever. 

Now one such program that you can earn extra money click/viewing/surfing ads/websites and also earn for promoting the site’s ad rotator hence the name Rotate4All. Now they pay out through Paypal (PYPL stock code), Airtm, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, and Faucetpay. Now, I can not recommend the Perfect Money, Payeer or Faucetpay payment options due to those payment systems block or don’t allow users from the United States Of America. 

So, let me go into a bit about my first impressions of the site and service. Rotate4All from an advertiser stand point, though let me remind you that I have not advertised on the on the site yet but I plan on it in the future right now I just don’t have the budget. But I like how advertisements are displayed from the paid to promote options and the surf options which has a super small image kind of cheat/robot check that is displayed in random spots throughout your screen display. This works better at keeping bots/cheaters out and get real human views. Now, from an earning stand point it seem to me to be legit and both surfing and the paid to promote options can bee pretty quick it seem but you have to work hard at it or have the cash flow to purchase advertising for your links. Now from my first payment proof (remember you can click image to view full size) Now I requested and was paid through a payment system called Airtm, get an account here: which is being used by a lot of online businesses including my own get-paid-to/traffic exchange/and other business ventures. Now here is the payment proof screenshot.

Rukun’s first Rotat4All payment

So I had requested $5.02 and the amount seen above is after the fees which are different depending on the payment processor/system you user. minimum payout is different on others payment processors as well. Either way I can now label this as a paying program as of right now and I will continue testing for a bit to give real results.

Now remember guys at the time of this post this program maybe be paying but it’s still in our Thoughts Of Everything earning program testing list. So join with caution. With this be said if you would like to test it with me and I will probably reward my active referrals but you must say in contact with me and joining this Thoughts Of Everything community can help that now here is my Rotate4All referral link:

Thanks for reading and anything else you do i.e. click/join my links and/or joining Thoughts Of Everything’s awesomeness. You can also keep us going by supporting us as it cost to keep us on line and we offer supporter services  such and quick ass support from me or other subject matter experts we have on the sites which right now I’m the only one for earning money/finance/decentralized finance content. Income after running costs are split among active Thoughts Of Everything content creators so that way we get something we love or hate if it’s something in a negative light. Either way you can click here: to support us. Thank you regardless. 

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