Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing ok out there. I’m doing ok worked a shit ton of hours this week like 12 to 12 in half-hour days landscaping. My pain is high today because of the work hours so I am trying to chill. But still need to get things done. Thanks for visiting. I’m glad to be writing articles like this, I got my 5th payout from Heedyou. Sorry for the delay it’s just I have been super busy with work and we also recently migrated our web servers due to the old server’s operating system being out of date which cPanel was no longer going to support. 

HeedYou is a PTC/GPT site. That is short for paid-to-click/get-paid-to where you can do easy tasks anytime for little time to earn extra money from home. On HeedYou, you can view websites for cash, and tasks from third-party vendors such as Monlix or Adscend which consist of surveys, and paid-to-click or paid-to-signup offers. Watch videos from Hideouttv and earn cash as well. I have not done any hideouttv videos yet so I am not sure how it works just yet. But I have done some of the PTC ads in Monlix section of HeedYou. They have a referral program, so you can earn commissions from ad views and sales from people your referral.

My earnings in this payout and beyond are from my activity and some active referrals, at least 4. But I haven’t been that active lately as stated above busy as shit. I had advertised as well on this program and got good results in the ad campaign I had run on the platform. Below you will see my 5th payout from Heedyou to my PayPal account. They also use Skrill and Payeer. USA can’t Payeer though, poo on them.

Ru-Kun's 5th payout from Heedyou
Ru-Kun’s 5th payout from Heedyou

This program is on my paying list which means I will reward my active referral who get in contact with for their activity. To make sure you are my referral click my affiliate link here: https://heedyou.com/?r=MrRuste

Thanks for reading.


By Ru-Kun

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