Hello all you awesome readers and are how are you all? Hopefully well, but I’m going to keep this short as I got a bunch of shit to do like cleaning up the home office and rest of my house. But I just want to give you all an update on my issues of logging into my account on Aticlix. I

I heard back from the admin/owner from the gmail email address and I guess my password was reset by the admin as new password was sent but I tested after I read the email and still not able to log in. Now just to be sure I’m testing again with a different internet browser annnnnd no go can’t log into my account “invalid login details”. So have contacted then again or more or less replied back to the admin’s email on May 31st 2023 and still haven’t heard a word. I will be trying again to contact the AtiClix admin about my account. No change Aticlix is still on the watch list. Be advised until further notice. Thank for reading. 

Update 6-3-2023: Admin contacted me via Google chat. Attempts to solve my issues are there. FYI Experience is everything. Like I said before, we don’t feed you bullshit here on Thoughts Of Everything. Stay tuned for more updates. Tested trying to log in with Firefox as I have known about an issues with EvolutionScript and login into Chrome based browsers 

By Ru-Kun

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