Well as you guys can see I’ve been trying to kick things up a notch and this includes testing and investigating scam and also earning from trusted get-paid to sites or some other means outside the 9 to 5 thing. Now days no new get-paid-to web site or app is trust worthy to me. Most people are good but still greedy and selfish. This alone hurts it for all as we all are trying to survive and live our lives. This all makes it hard to make it in this business and sites turn scam fast and it kind of sucks and there needs to bee a change fast. But for the time being I think I will continue to blog about it.

One thing I learn to do is with trusted sites that offer a paid to sign up section. I will find sites I have been looking at or thinking about joining then I would complete a PTSU (paid-to-sign-up) and earn money if site turns scam. The above is one such site I just join recently from a paid to sign up offer which I completed successfully. I hope my upline is happy LOL So this site doesn’t have a Paypal. But does have Bitcoin, Payeer, Solidtrustpay, and Perfect Money. Right now I can only use bitcoin but I checking the other payment processors.

Anyways this is a new site and I’m still testing so I say join at your own risk at this time but if your like me and don’t care to much as now we blog about it LOL then go a head and join under me.

Either click the banner above or click this link here: https://ads.uap.company/?ref=MrRuste

By Ru-Kun

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