Well, as  I thought I could leave Azobux alone after my last two posts but I love to investigative things so I will continue and make it into content for this web site. Although, in my personal opinion I would rather not be writing about scams but I think talking about it and letting others know about them prevents too much damage to others by not even joining such scammer sites. But it’s hard to tell these days just as from an administrator prospective where its hard to tell who is a cheater or a fake in the paid to click realm. So the admin posted in his public forums that his Paypal has been temporary limited, see screen shot below.

Azobux paypal limited
Azobux paypal limited

I don’t know the situation but Azobux has a lot of issues in the factors of people apparent stealing their web site template and what not. It’s stupid but as far as I can tell from my experience they are a scammer and I would suggest deleting your account as your information is not safe  and I wouldn’t be surprised if he or she is selling your information which I’m worried about becuase I have an account I can’t delete and I might have to look in to deleting it  due to issues I already had with the owner of this site.

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I had more inform and still have some that I search for in my free time between life and work and business but soon more time will be available. I’m currently looking in to possible having a lawyer get my account information removed from Azobux database for the reasons above and I will update your guys about it as information becomes available

Here is a forum topic you guys can join in on if you had bad experiences with Azobux: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/groups/thoughts-of-everything-elite-earning-team-protected-club/forum/topic/the-proof-for-the-azobuxnet-scam/ but you must join the club which I will allow since you guys help support this site by basically get paid access thank you very much.

And thanks for reading.

EDIT: 8-29-2022 complete scam and this post was paid access now public access as all evidence can be provided

By Ru-Kun

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