Hello everyone how are you all doing today? Hopefully well, if not I wish there is something I could do to help but I guess all I can say is hang in there, especially those in India where Covid is spreading like wildfires. Now shouts out there for those one the frontlines including those cleaners out there as I’m there with ya. Hopefully you working somewhere that is treating ya well, but most place don’t give two shits in wind about ya. But I’m working on changing that with the other part of my business which hosts this web site visit here is you need hosting: https://shop.rutakusdomains.com/ and you would be supporting us by doing so and I would be the one most likely supporting ya. Plus registered/licensed business as well. Thoughts Of Everything is a tradename because of this. But anyways let’s get back to the subject I was going to post about.

So as the title states I got my second payment from Where The Money Grows which was received pretty fast. Much thanks to the Administrator/Owner for doing so. Where The Money Grows has the same owner as Comical Clicks. Now for those that don’t know what Where The Money Grows is, Where The Money Grows is basically what I’m going to call a get paid to site as it has more the one type of microtasks to earn some extra cash. Great spot to get human views to your website, online video, or whatever online media. Great prices for advertising as well. But if you don’t have the cash that’s fine there is a free traffic exchange within the site. Where The Money Grows has a paid to sign up offers where you can sign up on various programs based on directions of the program. Paid to Click where you can view website for a given amount time. This timer is different based on ad value. Meaning this is the value you get to you account balance. The there is email ads but you had to turn them on to be able to get them. I recommend you add their email to your safe list. I believe the value and timer is the same if I remember it correctly from when my sites Offers And Clicks and Atomic PTC used to run on Maderite Scripts. Then on Where The Money Grows has paid to read ads which with read an ad for a give time then view the website for a given time kind of like the PTC (paid-to-click) section. Anyways, that is enough of that now my payment was requested through Paypal and was paid a day later. I’m one of them more patient type anyways but fast payouts are nice. So below is my screenshot of my payment proof. And remember you can click in the image thumbnail to view full sizes.

Where the money grows 2nd payout

Now this site is a site that Thoughts Of Everything recommends for earning or advertising and either way if you join my link Here: http://www.wherethemoneygrows.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste you will be supporting Thoughts Of Everything. Here if the link again: http://www.wherethemoneygrows.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste

Thank you all for reading and If the admin of the site is reading thank for making payouts. 

By Ru-Kun

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