Hello there all you awesome readers and welcome to Thoughts Of Everything. I am @ru-kun Rutakus the creator of this website and media outlet. How are you guys doing out there in the land of the Internet? I hope you guys are well and being safe out there. So here I go with another post about earning extra money with faucets. Here I get daily crypto called Horizen, ZEN payments. These are the kind of blog posts I like to write.

The faucet I am using is called and I believe it is by the creator of Horizen ($ZEN). I believe it is claim once or I act least claim once every 24 hours with all the other sites that i claim once every 20 hours. I try to keep all timed stuff like that at the same time so that I can do them all at once. Crypto faucets are a good way to get some extra crypto but this is not going to make your rich. Below you will see my payments 29th through 47th.

Zen Payments From


Ru-kun's 29th Payment
Ru-kun’s 29th Payment


Ru-kun's 30th Payment
Ru-kun’s 30th Payment


Ru-kun's 31st Payment From
Ru-kun’s 31st Payment From


Ru-kun's 32nd Payment From
Ru-kun’s 32nd Payment From


Ru-kun's 33rd Payment From
Ru-kun’s 33rd Payment From


Ru-kun's 34th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 34th Payment From


Ru-kun's 35th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 35th Payment From


Ru-kun's 36th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 36th Payment From


Ru-kun's 37th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 37th Payment From


Ru-kun's 38th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 38th Payment From


Ru-kun's 39th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 39th Payment From


Ru-kun's 40th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 40th Payment From


Ru-kun's 41st Payment From
Ru-kun’s 41st Payment From


Ru-kun's 42nd Payment From
Ru-kun’s 42nd Payment From


Ru-kun's 43rd Payment From
Ru-kun’s 43rd Payment From


Ru-kun's 44th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 44th Payment From


Ru-kun's 45th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 45th Payment From


Ru-kun's 46th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 46th Payment From


Ru-kun's 47th Payment From
Ru-kun’s 47th Payment From

So, as you can see there is a lot of payment thus far but I will say that this program is still until the Thoughts Of Everything test phase (CLICK HERE to understand what this means). This is my own test policy though as well. Also I haven’t been testing for long. But if you want to test this faucet project with me once it get on our paying list, I will start rewarding my active ones active during test I will give some extra rewards for the helping the testing the referral program. Getzen faucet is part of a registered business and is being tested for 2 years.  If you want to join under me click my referral link here: (GETZEN.Cash switching to Pipeflare)

Thanks for reading/clicking links.

By Ru-Kun

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