Ru-kun's 10th payment of 500 company shares at Mode Mobile

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post by Ru-kun aka MrRuste in one day. It’s nice to be able to post some more stuff then just one post in a day as have posted like that much. I have issues of getting distracted and taking on too much. But its getting better and I feel, I’m getting more done. Now what we are going to discuss here is something I never thought I would ever write about. More or less I just never experienced it and this thing is kind of new to me. But I had got a payment in company shares.  

The program I had got my payment from is called Mode Earning App formally Current Earn App where you can listen to music play games and get paid. I have been testing this app for some time. You can check out past article here: Just as the title of this post says this post is going show my 10th payout in company shares. Technically can also been seen as an investment opportunity. See here:

Mode Mobile Inc maker and owner of Mode Earning app was found in 2017. Mode Mobile is based in Chicago, Illinois based on the information I have gathered thus far. My testing phase if this program will be finished by next year unless for some fluke earn a shit ton of money from it but I haven’t seen many program that will yet.  

Now the payment I had requested was 50 shares of the company but ended up get 500 shares. You can see this in my Dealmaker account. This is consider my 10th payout. Here is my screenshot below.

Ru-kun's 10th payment of 500 company shares at Mode Mobile

Again this program is still in my testing phase but I will reward my active downline that join under me so that I can test the referral program. Plus you can only have and earn from 10 referrals. So if you wan to test with me click my referral link here:

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Update: Actually I’m still waiting for my payout of 50 shares still shows pending in the app redemption history, 500 shares is from something I think I clicked in the app. I will just consider both m y 10th payment

By Ru-Kun

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