Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I’m doing pretty good, starting to get things caught up on all my projects and working a shit ton of hours for someone else. I love writing these types of posts that you all are going to be reading below. Payment Proof posts and I am going to be writing the next few blog posts about payment proofs considering my last post was about a scam

I recently got my 11th Mode Mobile (formally known as Current) payout. It is a mobile app that lets you earn money/gift cards for listening to music, watching videos, playing or downloading mobile games/apps, and surveys/etc. You can even earn reading news and charging your device. The mobile app uses a point system in which you can cash out your points for money or gift cards. I have even got company shares as a payment more than once, though it’s not publicly traded yet.

I mostly listen to music in the app currently, most of my points/earnings are from that. I have earned from playing mobile games and watching videos. I will be testing out some of the other tasks in the future, just trying to set the time aside. Either way, there is a lot of things to do in the app to earn cash. I will say that there is only a mobile app so at the time of this post, there isn’t an app available for PC/computer devices.

@Ru-kun’s 11th Mode Mobile (formally known as Current) payout

I got my 11th payment to my PayPal account. I got my payment pretty fast within 48 hours. Usually, it takes longer, up to 7 business days. Take a look at my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's 11th Mode Mobile (formally known as Current) payout
11th Mode Mobile (formally known as Current) payout

This program is on my paying list so I will reward the first 10 people who sign up and are actively using the app. There is a referral limit so anyone after 10 people I earn nothing. If you want to join under me my referral link is here: https://crrnt.me/gyBnHgUzsJb

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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