Aticlix website screenshotAticlix website screenshot

Hello everyone and how are you doing today? I’m ok besides the fact I have to write this post as I hate writing scammed posts. But doing it will hopefully help others stay away from whatever scam program I discuss. One such program is called Aticlix and they run on the aticlix dot net top-level domain name. I’m not sure if there is any other top-level domains being used or were used at one time  But Domaintools shows dot com is registered and dot info was previously registered. But the dot com one is for sale according to what I found in my research. Below I will discuss my experience with the Aticlix scam.

I joined Aticlix a good while back doing a PSTU or paid-to-sign-up offers on one of the paying/trusted websites/earning programs. I was credited for the sign up so I did at least earn something from it. But the time I put in was a lot more as well as some advertising out of my pocket. We do this so you don’t have to. That way you will know the fully-tested legit programs to join while avoiding scams.

Aticlix is still online and running so be careful. They currently are using the dot net top-level domain name. Domain registration ownership information is hidden. See here The website has reset the database or my earnings in one way or another 3 times now. The first time they had locked the balance and made stupid rules and a date the balance could be withdrawn or something. I kind of wrote about this in the article here: You can see all other blog posts I wrote here in the ATIclix tag:

Other people have complained as well. They got a 12% 1-star rating on Trustpilot: Also, there is a complaint thread in EMS here:,555587.0.html. This last website reset, the entire website switched to a completely different script. No data was imported at all, you have to create a new account. Bullshit! See my screenshot below about the shitty hold balance that I never ended up getting.

Ru-Kun's Aticlix hold balance crap and last documented balances 7-18-2023
Ru-Kun’s Aticlix hold balance crap and the last documented balances 7-18-2023

If you read a couple of my previous blog posts about my login issue where I discuss the website has been on my watch list as of 5-30-2023. Support was slow to respond and the support ticket system was not working. This last reset, where users have to create new accounts. I created a support ticket that was deleted after I called out the admin for being a scam after asking where my account is. Screenshot below of what he/she said before I called him/her a scammer.

Ru-Kun's aticlix support ticket screen 4-16-2024
Ru-Kun’s aticlix support ticket screen 4-16-2024

Here is the support ticket deleted screen.

Ru-Kun's aticlix support ticket screen 4-16-2024 deleted
Ru-Kun’s aticlix support ticket screen 4-16-2024 deleted

With all the above said I would advise you not to join the Aticlix program. They also run Atibrushes (a web design site, don’t trust). Atibuxer and Atiadvert simlar to Atilcix. 

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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