I was kind of hoping to have post a review for JillsClickCorner as this site is one on my list of Elite sites and trusted earning site. But I’m still working a what kind of format I’m going to use for PTC/GPT (paid-to-click/get-paid-to) web site reviews. JillsClickCorner has been online since 2006 and is part of the trusted Planet-Traffic network which includes other trusted sites such as Donkeymails.com, No-minimum.com, Getpaidmail.com, and Youromail.com. Technically there is a couple more site but I will save those for a later post so I can make your guys come back and read that post as well LOL Jokes!

So JillsClickCorner is not only an elite online earning site because of being online and paying. For those of use that have been in the get paid to and microjobs have seen PayPal ruin a lot of earning sites due to PayPal freezing the accounts of web site owners. From my knowledge there is good reason for this  because a lot of the scammer assholes out there that ruin it for the honest people out there. So these sites survived the PayPal account freezes. That being said I would also suggest these site for advertising as they get a LOT of traffic. Currently 500639 registered members at the time of this post and like me many have been paid 3 times or more. Anyways, I will be hopefully writing a full on review for this site and the rest of the sites in that network.

Because I can’t use other payment processors offered through JillsClicksCorner. But Bitcoin and other altcoins/cryptocurrency are becoming popular. So if you need legal and legit way to buy or trade altcoins/cryptocurrency Coinbase (click here to join) is one I’m used for the payment proof below and will be using for my accepting altcoins/cryptocurrency payments for products and services for my company.

So here is my payment proof:

JillsClickCorner 13th payment (my first Bitcoin payment)
JillsClickCorner 13th payment (my first Bitcoin payment)

Anyways, all thanks for reading.

if you would like to join JillsClickCorner too either click the banner at the top of this post or click this link: http://www.jillsclickcorner.com/members/register.php?ref=MrRuste

By Ru-Kun

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