So as you all can see as of the late I have been posting a lot of paid to click articles lately. Well first I have been kind of busying work, normal life and what not. Plus, doing a lot of back ground work on my other company web sites trying to kick things up a notch plus working a lot on the FAQ and other sections of my own PTC sites. Anyways, so I just joined the other site owned by (SSA Business services). The other site is called RUTAKUS PIXEL TE (replaced scam link) which has basically the same design as their other site, just a lot more members. 164,690 at the time of this post. Not sure how many of those are active or only advertisers. But they are paying accord to other members, I just want to make my request for payout worth while since I have been paid a couple times by their other site Not promoting anymore (Scam) but come to my network

Anyways, if you want to join and earn some extra cash with me click my referral link here: RUTAKUS PIXEL TE (replaced scam link)

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Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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