Hello everyone and how is it going today? Hopefully well and you all are being safe out there. I am doing my best though I recently caught covid which I’m in the process of writing a blog post about it. But that god I vaccinated though I don’t have a booster yet. I had a pretty hard time when I was sick. Still feel pretty tired from the whole and what not, but that is for a later post. Anyways, let get back to what I’m going to discuss here.

So I glad to say that I have got my 4th payout from the awesome administrator at Comical Clicks, which for those of you that don’t know is a get-paid-to/paid-to-click site. Even has a traffic exchange for ya to surf for traffic credits. So with this being said there is many spots to earn or get traffic. So before we go into the payment proof, I’m going to give you a break down of the jest of how to do things on the site as we do recommend the site and the network ran by this administrator as I have ads running on the site, but it is still in my testing list, though will soon be moved off the list. Now you can view websites for #beermoney cash through either PTC section (paid to click) and the PTR section (paid to read). There are also something paid to read emails but you have to have those turn on in your account settings. There is also a paid to sign up section where you can earn extra cash sign up and completing tasks on various programs. Now, if you are my downline or not and need help feel free to ask in the comments and I will do my best to help. Now moving on.

So I requested my payout for $3.15 through and before PayPal’s fees. You can see my screenshot below, remember you can click the image thumbnail to view full size image.

Ru-Kun's 4th payment Comical ClicksIt sucks to have those fees but because where I live and because I report my earnings those fees can be written off on taxes. Right now all/most of my earnings are going back into my business at the time of this post. Anyways, this site is paying from what you can see plus search this site to see all the payment proofs received thus far. Thank you very much admin of Comical Clicks for the 4th payment if you do every read this post. Now if you other guys out there want to join that site please feel free to click this link here to join Comical Clicks: http://www.comicalclicks.com/index.php?ref=MrRuste

Thanks for reading this post and if you signed up on my link thanks We have ads running there and you can earn extra for viewing our site and other there. Again click here to Join Comical Clicks: http://www.comicalclicks.com/index.php?ref=MrRuste

Remember signing up under me also can get you activity bonuses from me and extra from here on Thoughts Of Everything.

By Ru-Kun

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