Hello everyone and yes this is my second post today, well actually it 2 out of at least 3 post I planned on posting today. So again, I hope you all are doing well for those just join in on this site today. So, I plan on keeping this post short so I can get the other I want to write as well.

So for this post I will be briefly talking about Ibotta and how you can earn cash back from your everyday purchases. This is will come with a payment proof of my second payment received from the app. Now most of the money we get back in our household is on our grocery shopping but there is much more way to get cash back including on Amazon. Most things just require you to upload your like a receipt which you can used your phone’s camera to take a picture and upload. Easy Peasy. Now here is my second payment proof I have received through PayPal (now remember you can click image to view full size):

rukun's second payment IbottaNow if you would like to try and earn cash back with Ibotta click here: https://ibotta.onelink.me/iUfE/8cc13c64?friend_code=rlitqwl

Thanks for reading and if you would like to leave a comment join our site. Thanks and have good day. 

By Ru-Kun

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