Nice, Got My 2nd Payment From Ibotta App

Nice, Got My 2nd Payment From Ibotta App

Hello everyone and yes this is my second post today, well actually it 2 out of at least 3 post I planned on posting today. So again, I hope you all are doing well for those just join in on this site today. So, I plan on keeping this post short so I can get the other I want to write as well.

So for this post I will be briefly talking about Ibotta and how you can earn cash back from your everyday purchases. This is will come with a payment proof of my second payment received from the app. Now most of the money we get back in our household is on our grocery shopping but there is much more way to get cash back including on Amazon. Most things just require you to upload your like a receipt which you can used your phone’s camera to take a picture and upload. Easy Peasy. Now here is my second payment proof I have received through PayPal (now remember you can click image to view full size):

Now if you would like to try and earn cash back with Ibotta click here:

Thanks for reading and if you would like to leave a comment join our site. Thanks and have good day. 

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Coinbase & Ibotta, What Kind of Partnership Would That be?

Coinbase & Ibotta, What Kind of Partnership Would That be?

Hello everyone, how is it going? Hopefully not much has changed since I wrote my last post. In fact this stupid little post wasn’t even planned like most of my other posts which sometime take a week or more to finish. I’m trying my best to get more things done as far as content creation. Anyways, before I begin I want to say that Coinbase and Ibotta are not in any partnership, more or less I though it would be a catchy title for this article and more or less I think it could be a good idea or combination. So what brought me to this statement is as I was browsing around Coinbase yesterday using Brave Browser where I have the Ibotta addon installed where is looks for deals or cash back offers on some site you browse and on Coinbase the Ibotta app popped up like I could get cash back on  my crypto purchases or something. Just though it was kind of funny. See my screenshot below.

Like always, you can click the image to view full size as thumbnails are used in our post for faster loading times. Anyways, I recommend you joining both programs if you have done so already as they are both trust and paying also legal to operate. You can join them below and you support this site by doing so.

Coinbase: (buy/sell $100 worth of crypto and we both get $10 in bitcoin)

Ibotta: (referral bonus earnings)

Thanks for reading and joining the above if you did.

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Ru-Kun’s (Mr.Ruste’s) Best Earning Programs of 2020

Hello everyone how is it going today for ya? So I hope you all are doing well. I know it has been a hard year for us all. Hell, we here at Thoughts Of Everything are barely hanging on. But I hoping to change that soon. But anyways there are things out there that could make things a bit easier in trying to earn extra money (income in general for some of us) in 2021. I have been doing and researching earning money online and more recently earn extra money through apps and micro tasks/jobs. I started this back in 2006 while I was in school. I had to go through a lot of trail and errors as a lot of people ending up being scammers and most upline don’t help their referrals out of give them enough information to how to do things when it come to earn programs. Now this has got me thinking of trying to be there a bit more for my downline and in fact because I plan on having other people posting content on Thoughts Of Everything and they will have to follow the same rules to be able to post about making money online so that I can keep this site integrity.

Anyways my best sites of 2020 are not the long as I really didn’t do a lot of work online as being busy with my other job and trying to work on what to do about my business/ideas as we all are really hurting though unlike a lot of my friends and some of my family I’ve been pretty quite while I watch my own dreams that I have been working on go down the drain. But as you can see we are doing on our best to hang in here. So I will be doing everything possible to keep this thing going. These programs below in no given order are my best online, passive, and other such micro task/job/cash back program. These are the ending year programs that are paying and top of my list. Like I said pretty mush all my paying programs are my top earning programs of 2020. That being said. These are paying program and not in what I would call my testing list.


Traffic Exchange

Mining Programs

Cash Back Apps/Programs


Payment Processing Online

So with this all said I hope you guy give these programs a try if you want to start earning extra money. Just be smart out there and don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose. Remember don’t forget to sign up on the website if you would like to join our awesome website/independent media outlet and community and our member only discussion forums. Thank you if join any of my programs listed here in this article as it supports Thoughts Of Everything’s cost and keeping us going. Thanks for reading as well and if you have questions you can ask in the comments of the post if you logged or send me a message. If not logged in you can use the contact the creator form. Also if you like our content please feel free to support us and get extra features, Send us a TIP in Brave Browser or contact us for other supporter options. Thank you 

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Ru-Kun’s top PTC/GPT/Traffic Exchanges/Earning ETC of 2019

Well hello everyone, Rukun here and I hope you all had a good holidays thus far.  New years day today and a new month as well. So here is my end of the year post. My top sites of 2019, apps, etc for making money from home, online or more or working for yourself. I will include both paying sites and site I’m still testing but look promising. Paying in the list means 7 or more payments

Top Paying GPT/PTC Sites of 2019

Top Promising Looking GPT/PTC Sites of 2019

Top Cash Back App of 2019

Top Cryptocurrency/Alt-coins Mining Apps of 2019

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Apps of 2019

Top Traffic Exchanges of 2019

I know this list is kind of small. Especially my PTC/GPT list due to many reason including that factor of a group of criminals messing with me and being stupid bad people. The world is full of them which is way we all need to team up. Joining Thoughts of Everything is a start and if you join on of my above links staying in contact with me is a good idea as I like to help my referrals/downline. Also you support our site by doing so as money earned goes into the cost of this site and as well as other aspects of my business and ideas.

Thanks for reading and clicking/joining the above links

Now let’s see this list grow for paying sites in 2020.

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Just got my first Ibotta Payment Today Instant

Just got my first Ibotta Payment Today Instant

Hello everyone so I just wanted to jump in mention that after a couple week back saying I was close to payout on Ibotta app where you can earn cash back on most of your shopping. You can also earn by referring people as well. It is a app and is thew only way you can use it. Also they do have good fraud to detect fake receipts as you will have to take a picture of the receipt. Anyways, so today I got paid and I split it with my girlfriend in fact we split all the earning on the app so your help is very much appreciated. The payment was instant through Paypal. But they do offer other cash payments through Venmo. Anyways here is my first payment well our first payment (Team JR dot org) screenshot below.

So if you would like to join which I thank you if you join under me as you are support both my girlfriend and I. You just have to click the Following referral link: then successfully redeem cash back.

Thank you for reading and if you join leave a comment I help you build your downline as well.


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Earning for everyday purchases

So I recently started testing out an mobile app called Ibotta where you can earn money back on your everyday purchase including wine and beer. I dont know if tge appis paying or not yet as i haven’t received any payments yet. I will keep ya posted. You can earn with referrals too here is mine if you would tested as well. Below is the quote text from Ibotta’s referral tools.

Hey! Thought you would enjoy Ibotta (if you don’t already). It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. I use it every time I shop, and thought you would like it too! Use my referral code, rlitqwl, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at

If any of you have been paid please post your proof in my post comments section. Thank you

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