So because part of this web site is test, research, and investigate earning from home type of jobs because there are becoming more increasingly available as technology advances with remote workers and jobs. I think it’s good for the most part as for a person like myself who has limitations. But this also bring out the more scammers. And today scams had made things harder for honest business to run.

So is another site I’m added to my testing list for PTC sites which as stated before I try and use paid-to-sign-up offers on trusted/paying sites. PaidVerts has been around for a good while but that doesn’t mean to me that it is honest or paying just yet as I myself have not been paid. Somethings are throwing me red flags on this site. One being that domain ownership is hidden from public eye and scammers use this or use of fake information of ownership to prevent people from contact them. The domain name is also listed for sale according to domaintools whois tool. Other then that this site seem to be pretty nice and I hope that site isn’t going to be sold or whatever. So while my investigation goes on and I post more updates and what not.

If you guys would like to test as well do so at your own risk but stay and join this site and I will hel,p you as much as I can especially if your my referral.

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By Ru-Kun

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