So as you guys can see I have be posting a lot of new online earning sites like PTC sites and what not. As I’m trying to kick off my ideas for mu business and because I like to research and investigate things online earning sites are first on my list of investigations as with the amount of scammers in the world especially online where people become even more fake. But even though there is a lot of scams a I would like to make a change on the online earning community but I’ still trying to figure out my plan. I know I normally use paid to sign up offers to do new earning sites but there isn’t many trusted site in my list at the moment. Even then there is not always a guarantee someone will buy PTSU credits for advertising. So I sign up on this site without using PTSU. The site has both Paypal and Payeer for payouts. Paypal, Payeer, and Perfect Money. Again I can’t use Payeer or Pefect Money as I live in the US. Anyways, I will post more updates when they become available.

If you would like to test this site with me just click on either the banner at the of this post or the following link:

Also if you become a referral joining Thoughts Of Everything and becoming a member of this site will help get ya some activity bonus that I would like to start doing with my active referrals.

Anyways thanks for reading and stay tuned.

By Ru-Kun

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