Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing ok. My fucking pain level in the past couple days have been through the fucking roof, my neck and shoulder area/upper back. Also I’m going to right out and say I’m not in the best of moods because I never wanted to ever write a fucking blog post such as the post I about to write below. I have been gather information and data like this in the past couple of years since the evil hater ass people really started to come out of the woodwork. Straight shitty people. Now it’s time to put these fuckers on blast.

The start of a blog post type of series the shitty people spot well have a very first shitty person. I will first say that I don’t know how accurate this information will be just based off the information gathered from experience I have dealing with the person.

I @ru-kun am going to first say that here at Thoughts Of Everything we are a equal rights and LGBTQIA friendly and welcome all people from all walks of life. I’m the creator of this site and I am disabled. My kid is Trans and my Wife is Bi. I was bi at one time. I just don’t find men attractive and really only attracted to my wife. I also have a lot of friends from all walks of life that I care about. This is way it’s time to stop this type of hateful people as they are an embarrassment to our species, the human race.

You know the type of people that hate because of the color or your skin or your sexual orientation, your belief system (except where hating on others. not an ok belief) and gender. Hating for what you look like or wear. Any other type of being awful. The only hate I see as logical is those above descriptions. Kind of like it’s ok to punch a Nazi. The person below I will be showing you is one type of person that it’s ok to punch. They probably are a Nazi but I don’t know at this time. 

The shitty person

Below I ran across this fucker on my comment from weeks ago on an app I have where you earn money playing games like Xbox/Playstation/Steam called TIV (game and earn). It was one one of the apps company posts see my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's scrrenhot of TIV company Facebook post
Ru-Kun’s screenshot of TIV company Facebook post

The screenshot is there to provide you with what that post actually is about. TIV has nothing to do with it. Though I told them they should be moderating their content after I saw the comment on my comment which you will see below. This fuckers comment was there for 3 hours before I saw it. Business should be moderating their content a bit more IMO. See the piece of shit’s comment below. I blurred out everyone else names but the piece of shit’s and mine.

Piece Of Shit Human 6-20-2023 Ru-kun
Piece Of Shit Human 6-20-2023

The person ‘s name from what is given on the profile of the shitty commentor is Michael Stevenson. But be aware that these motherfuckers have the tendency to change their profile’s name a lot but the link will stay the same. Here is this fucker’s profile link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087467327232. As you can see there was nothing in anyway I commented to make this asshole make the statement he did. Nothing in TIV’s post to make this fuckhead comment. Just that I have a Pokémon Pride flag in my profile picture. In fact the same picture is in our Thoughts Of Everything’s Facebook profile. Here is the Facebook post in question where this happened. At the time of this post the comment is still there: https://www.facebook.com/gamewithtiv/posts/229774029599525. Hopefully the business that manages the page deletes it. But I doubt it as I have been finding business lately being to lazy or not caring to have employees that moderate their platform. 

Now I have reported the comment it to Facebook and Facebook also did shit. Kind of dumb considering how may times I have been in Facebook jail for Facebook allowing it and not let us stand up for ourselves. Fuck all these people. So this being said I don’t have any other information about this guy. anyone have anything please share with us. I’m looking for maybe where he works other other info so we can start making his life fucking hell as most of the world knows these people are wrong. Hating because people show pride for pride month

Happy Pride Month Everyone. Fuck the Haters

Thanks for reading and what do you guys think? Do you have a shitty person you would like to share.? join our website and leave a comment. More post on this subject matter coming soon. 

Thanks again. @Ru-Kun

By Ru-Kun

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