Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope all goes well. I’m doing ok on my side just in a bit of extra damn pain and have to chef tough to medicate iif you know what I mean. Also still without out my desktop computer after my hard drive crash. I had it back up for a bit after cloning the failed hard drive and operating system to the hard drive that I was using as a second drive. I worked for we bit then that one crashed. I’m using my wife’s laptop and desktop to do my computer work.

So we don’t really do a whole lot of these type of posts as we don’t need to do announcements and site updates that often. It has been a while since we have done one. First, I still am one of the only active staff at this time but more staff will be active soon now that I hope we are settled into our new server home for a bit. I @ru-kun have been busting some ass on this site and my company websites.

So we have been moving around web servers recently as my hosting company has been restructuring and searching for new partners and spot to rent servers. So we have just done one last move a about a week or two ago. No issues and little down time. Email server seems to work pretty good since move. Now I have open back up my web hosting for people to purchase web site hoisting as well.

Now one thing I’m still trying to figure out is after a recent WordPress update my design seemed to stop working and now I have one of the default templates being used. I’m pretty sure its because of a change in the code but I don’t know for sure yet. I will say I hate when scripts change shit.

I’m recently also changing a couple of my business sites running a script called Joomla as too many times updates had made some major changes that made it a pain in the ass to update my sites. WordPress is usually pretty good but this kind of sucks as the software I used is on my desktop that had the hard drive crash so easily updating/fixing my design is going to be a pain and take longer. I’m not sure if I will fix it. But I just want to mention this and also it was the reason the web site was in a critical error for about a day whiel I was trying to fix it. I ended up disabling and uninstalling my templates.

Anyways, that is it for the moment and thanks for reading this useless ass announcements/update post but this is the day in the life of a web admin XD.


By Ru-Kun

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