Well fuck ya people. I @ru-kun Rutakus, the creator of this website is fucking happy to post that we have hit 400 blog posts in the past couple days. We are currently at 406 after this post. To me it’s a big deal as I have been busting my ass to make this project something. There is has been a lot of bumps in this road as well. There still is as some people don’t like what we have to say here of when it comes to scammer ass motherfuckers some of them just can’t let go after we have exposed their bullshit.

We got a lot of stupid people trying to hack the site as well making things more of a pain in the ass. Right now it’s just me Ru-Kun doing the admin work on the website. We do have other staff. One staff not ready or doesn’t have access to the site yet. The other staff has only had post posted to their account by my company Productions Of The Human Mind as that staff is a write for my creative company.  They maybe more active here soon as I work out the last bits of information of how some of the aspects of this project will work.

Last bit information I want is I have recently move us to another server due to some issues on the last server. I’m hope this will be the last time we move for bit as the email issues have been fixed since moving to this server.  😀 XD So happy things are working out. Now I do have web hosting packages available again through my web hosting company click here: and don’t forget to say your were referred by Thoughts Of Everything so that my company pays commissions that help cover the cost of run this site, keeping us online and staff motivated more to post shit to our platforms/website.

Thanks for reading and create an account to let us know what you think.  

By Ru-Kun

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