Brave Browser website screenshotBrave Browser website screenshot

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you all are doing well. I’m doing ok will be picking up my last checks for the Christmas trees and season hours from my other job. No snow fall yet still kind of stressed. But these are the type of blog posts I like to write. Payment Proofs post are nice as it is extra money I had earned for doing easy tasks.

This project is an internet browser that is called Brave Browser and has a reward program that pays you for allowing privacy respecting ads to be displayed and clickable if your interested in the given ad. You earn a cryptocurrency/utility token called Basic Attention token (BAT for short). They payout you to a wallet like Uphold ( or I think Gemini wallet. I use Uphold and if you join under the link in this article for Uphold if you buy $250 worth of crypto.

You can learn more about the Brave rewards program right here: You can also read every article every written on Thoughts of Everything here on our tag Brave Browser tag: I will say that there is also a publisher program that you can sign up for to be able to receive tips from your viewers to your content on a website, YouTube Channel, Twitch, X (Formally Twitter), Reddit account, and Vimeo account. Once any of these are registered you will then be able to receive tips of BAT from your users who are using Brave Browser. We here at Thoughts of Everything are registered Brave publishers and you can send us tips to get supporter access. Read more here:

81st Payment Proof Brave Browser Rewards Program

For those of you new to this Brave makes payouts once a month usually in the beginning of the month. This being said my payment proof below is from my November 2023 earnings. You can see my screenshot below of my payment to my Uphold account. This is from Brave being used on 2 active devices at the time of this post.

Ru-Kun's 81st payment from Brave Rewards
Ru-Kun’s 81st payment from Brave Rewards

Brave rewards is a paying project though I do not earn anything promoting it and there isn’t any referral or affiliate program. Brave Rewards currently at the time date of this post works with only all desktop devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Android mobile devices. iOS not support for Brave rewards except to support content creators.

That is it for the moment and thank you for reading. Remember if you like what we do and want to support us, we accept BAT tips if your using Brave. But also we use PayPal, Skrill, Airtm and many types of cryptocurrencies. 



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