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Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope you all doing well out there. I’m doing trying to get somethings caught up. These are the blog posts that I like to write about. Thought I will have to correct some of my previous posts about this earning project. Because I do have a lot of work going on I will be making this post kind of short. But we will be discussing my Nielsen 7th payout here.

What I will be discussing here is an app and program called Nielsen and their PC/Mobile panel. The PC/mobile panel is a device usage panel where you earn points everyday you use your device. You can install the app on both your mobile device and your computer. All you have to do is use the device to earn points. You are basically sharing your device usage with Nielsen and the points can then be cashed out for money or items.

Have been using this program for while and has been on my paying list for a bit. The company has been in business for 90 plus years and is a data collection and data research company. On the first of the year, Jan 1, 2024, the Nielsen project will be moving up to Elite earning program list for years in business, fast/consistent payouts, fast support and pretty consistent earnings. You can see all the other blog posts ever written on Thoughts Of Everything here:

My Nielsen 7th payment proof is PayPal payment and I had received it within a couple hours after I had requested it from Nielsen. As I stated earlier, I had the incorrect number on my payout in my last blog post about Nielsen here: where it is not my 4th payout, but my 5th payout. Now, I am not going to change the previous post unless someone a supporter pays us to do so. This post is the correct number. I had also received $5 in the mail from Nielsen for completing a survey which is my 6th payout. Now I ended up using that for gas in my car and it was a $5 bill so I think no payment proof is needed. Below is my 7th payment. 

Ru-Kun’s Nielsen 7th payout

Ru-Kun's 7th Payment from Nielsen
Ru-Kun’s 7th Payment from Nielsen

Now I want to mention I’m only using two devices my mobile phone and my computer. I have been only using two devices since I started testing this project and all my earnings are from my device usage and the few micro tasks Nielsen sends out like that survey I completed. Now if you want to try that program click the link here: I don’t make anything promoting this project and there is no affiliate program. 

Thanks for reading.

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