Hello everyone and how is if going for you all today? I hope it’s going well. I @Ru-Kun am doing ok, despite having to write blog posts such as this. But this is part of what we do here at the Thoughts Of Everything website. We investigate and testing various programs that are possibly ways to earn money. Or scams.

In this article below we will be looking at a scam I have not had the worlds best of time dealing with. In fact Thoughts Of Everything has been taking a lot of BS. I had wrote articles that were only viewable to Thoughts Of Everything users with supporter access. With this all said we have been working on a scam hunter type of series and this site is what prompted me to try and create the series. Scammers are pieces of shit and you will get a glance at one discussed below on my hopefully last post about him and his scams.

 The website scam and scammer I’m going to discuss here is someone named Aziz  (username: ddine on EMS). The website I was scammed on and started getting harassed by Aziz was called Azobux dot net I believe. He suspended my account for making a comment on the lack of activity on his site’s discussion/support forums. No fucking way anyone should have been offended by my post. But he did and suspended my account. After I comforted him by email and posted about his scam on here. He tried to hack Thoughts Of Everything and I lost the first post I wrote but reposted a new article and made many database backups. Beefed up security.

I will say it has been a constant battle with this fucker. And I think it still might be as the domain still exists. But now there is some evidence of his bullshit and the scams that came out of it. The factor is yes the domain is still online but Azobux gpt/ptc is not online. Meaning all those users that put time or money into the site got scammed.

Again, like I said I got scammed out of a some amount of change. I don’t remember how much, but it wasn’t a lot. As I stated above, this asshole tried and hacked the Thoughts Of Everything website. It made my entire server go down taking down my other business websites as well. I lost the very first blog post I had posted about his scam because I didn’t make a backup of the database before hand. Plus, I had confronted the email in an email with me going public about him. I should have never told him I was going to expose his BS as he would have probably never harassed me. 

After the factor of my account being suspend he tried to claim I had more then on account and when stated that he could edit the database and create fake accounts under mine as other paid to click or get paid to sites/or apps, I never had this issues since I don’t create more then one account. But after that I started having issues with other sites that I never had an issues before especially on sites that use EvolutionScript due to the script using third party anti-cheat/fraud features.

In fact, PolicePTC and the owners other sites I was having the issue daily of my account be suspended. PolicePTC‘s admin worked with me and believed me on what was going on with Azobux’s admin. I even created some banners for his sites for the constant issues of him having to unsuspended my account. Other admins I talked with were also pretty helpful in this matter. I’m thankful for all of this as I would have had a hard time with situation. You guys can read some of the previous post I wrote here under the Azobux tag: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/tag/azobux/. All those posts used to be only supporter articles as it prevent me from getting harassed by the admin and his cronies. Now are publicly available. It’ includes information about him lying about business registration and what not.

Now I had also created as video for our Youtube channel that used to be unlisted until I started writing this blog post. One of his cronies or a fake account sock puppet account of his made a comment on the video. See here:

I will make the comment that there is funny ass moment in my video. For example as I’m munching on shredded cheese some get stuck to my face bread.

Now I will also say others have been scammed by him but he did a better job at erasing people’s complaints online. Now I even had some of my reviews erased on FoxyRatings and I believe on trustpilot as well. In the public information I was able to gather, Azobux admin can bee seen yelled at people in all capital letters. Or getting offended easily as you can see on this sMoneySpace: https://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,494386.0.html. It seems as he was being asked if using a stolen 33brushes template. 

Not that long ago his sites really did end up being a scam and it was also exposed out that he was using nulled addon called out by EvolutionScript’s developer/owner on EMS here: https://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,532156.0.html. See below quote for the Azobux’x complaint;

Evolutionscript owner ( i CALL IT NOW: THE FILTHY SCRIPT): Andres M. IS A scammer and thief. He suspended my license after 4 years and asked me 100$ to UPDATE MY SCRIPT. All evolutionscript ptc sites owners must consider this and he may do the same to you. i also know many of old PTC sites owners got scammed by Andres. I have proofs.

He is broke and have no money. he goes to admin panels and mess addons so we ask for support and pay $30.

There is many good script out there and i use any good script legally. i HAVE CHANGED MY SIE AZOBUX SCRIPT. I also want to say altcoinclix will never close and never change script till evolutionscript makes a full refund of what i paid for altcoinclix.

They suspended my licenses 4 times now screw them im not andres’ father to keep paying for his coffee. Wink

You suspended sites that i know and will let everyone knows about them once i get aproval from the owners. You gonna show to the world with your evil form Mr andres. the scammer and the thief of PTC sites.
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And this is EvolutionScript’s reply


1. You were using v5.3, the upgrade service from that version is $95, regular price (from 5.9.3 is $35). We set our price under our own discresion. If you do not agree, you are free to upgrade by yourself.

2. Explain how we can have access to your hosting panel and make a mess of your addons.

3. You don’t have permissions to use our script in altcoinclix from 2020, so for that reason your license was suspended and your account was terminated for violation of terms of service.

4. Your license was suspended before for using nulled addons Wink

You scam people and blame us, what a joke rofl

Just very funny to me as he always seemed to go out of his way to make everyone believe he was using licensed script or that he was honest. With this being said Azobux and the admin are scams. His other site was altcoinclix don’t know the domain name but it gone anyways. Now, azobux dot net is still active at the time of this post. It points to a blogger page called

“Azizi Services Find Rentals, Stuff for sell or FREE and Many more services in Canada”

As if he is running some sort of new scam. See screenshot below

Azobux DOT NET new scam blogger screenshot 9-7-2022
Azobux DOT NET new scam blogger screenshot 9-7-2022

AZOBUX and network are a SCAM

Thanks for reading my post if you like what we do here feel free to create an account and/or support us. All of this help us keep doing what we do here. Now if you have any information about the Azobux scam or the admin named Azizi. Feel free to leave a comment below. Have been scammed by him let us know. Thanks again for your visit


By Ru-Kun

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