Well, I have been slacking off on posting in my blogs lately. But I have some plans for a few posts and such. I will probably be trying to updated some of my older post. And I working on a tips & suggestions post for successfully completing a PTSUs (paid-to-sign-ups).
Anyways, lately I been having trouble with some of the PTC sites that I’m a active member of. Mainly just having trouble getting to pages to load. I pretty much keep getting the page the says “connection to server was reset while loading page” which really sucks because I’m unable to click ads, request pay out on one of the sites and manage my PTSU ads I have running. What is even worse is the I can’t even get any of the forums for the sites to load.
Lastly I will be adding some new sites that I have joined a while back to this following post: So be on the look out.X :grins:

Rukun first posted this blog post on his old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/06/ive-been-slacking-off-updates.html

By Ru-Kun

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