Hello everyone, just posting a few updates and post updates. First I had updated my “PTC/GPT Sites Awaiting to be Paid on” post with a couple of new sites I have joined. I also removed Technobux due to some issues which happen with the database of site where all the information was lost or something. The site is back up but I refuse to join again after losing my earning and my referrals. Secondly, one of the site that I was waiting to be paid on is now posted in my “Paying PTC/GPT sites” post. The site I added was cash-harvest which is the sister site of TheClickers.net. Lastly I had received my second payment from Prowling Panther PTC which is also list in my paying site list. Payment proofs for both site are posted there as well.
Stay tuned for more info and updates. I will also be posting my on earning tips here soon as well.

Blog post first posted by Rukun on this his old blog: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/05/some-brief-updates-and-such.html

By Ru-Kun

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