Hello everyone and how is it going? I hope you all are not doing too bad. I’m going to make this post kind of short as I got to get the cat boxes in my house cleaned so the kitty have a clean shitter and a few other things before I have to go to work

Anyways, let’s get to what this blog post is going to be about. I recently got both my 10th and 11 payments to my Coinbase trading account. With this being said I’m going to try and start cashing out once a week if I’m at the minimum payout. Now I plan on working on some tutorials probably in the forums on how to use and do things with all of Cryptotab apps, which there are a bit but the browser from my current understanding was one of their first apps. Now for my payment proofs which are my 10th and a 11th payment which I requested/received within a couple weeks apart. Now remember you can click the image to view full screen.

10th Payment: 

Rukun's 10th payout Cryptotab
Rukun’s 10th payout Cryptotab

Here is the payout info on the blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/e7047d44e96bd35e88a0e4d8068c7a1f5ad8eec8d9416dced7d6d42eaf6b4c82

Now my 11th payment: 

Rukun's 11th payment from Cryptotab
Rukun’s 11th payment from Cryptotab

Now the transaction on the public blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/17dd39e05f9db433e8f3c56b4cd0c96f510dd8818d2cf3911edb1674c7a16a72 Now as you can see they are lower values which is the last part of me test and at the end of the year I will hopefully be able to say this mining pool is legit. I will be start to gather more info on the company as well because I like what they do thus far. Now if you want to join and start mining crypto with your computer and use the cloud on mobile device either free or paid versions click my link here to download and join: https://cryptotabbrowser.com/32087702

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By Ru-Kun

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