Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing ok, a bit behind here as my other job has been killing my ass. I’m always looking for the better paying job with my skill sets and knowledge. Let’s get back on the topic of what I will be discussing in this post.

I am going to discuss and show you guys the last payment proof I will have from this project and why. The project we are going to talk about is called and I have been testing it since about May 2023. You can read my previous blog posts that have been posted: All have been written by me. is closing down and transferring to and it states they will transfer anything in my account to my new profile as long as I use the same information. See my screenshot here of what happens when you click the claim button. Transfer account Pipeflare message 2023You can click on the above image to view full size. Although, this project hasn’t made it above my testing list/phase, that amount of work I have already put into it has made the change and the companies’ choice not the best. I had changed all my referral links on all older blog post to which I had done before finishing up this post. I had wasted some of my advertising on advertising this project. Now I had done a paid to sign up offer for it and was credited for it. I also did a paid to sign up offer for which I’m still in the process of completing. Testing for will start basically from the time/date stamp of this post. I hope they add Horizen claim faucet on which right now there isn’t. I still have unpaid faucet claims see my screenshot below

Ru Kun's unpaid claim h
history as of 11-24-2023
Ru Kun’s unpaid claim

The last payment proofs I have received from are below.

Ru-Kun’s Last Payment Proofs From 92nd Through 96th.


Ru-kun's 92nd payment from
Ru-kun’s 92nd payment from


Ru-kun's 93rd payment from
Ru-kun’s 93rd payment from


Ru-kun's 94th payment from
Ru-kun’s 94th payment from


Ru-kun's 95th payment from
Ru-kun’s 95th payment from


Ru-kun's 96th and last payment to ever be paid from
Ru-kun’s 96th and last payment to ever be paid from

Like I said this project is closing down but will be transitioning to Pipeflare which is in my testing phase right now. But if you want to testing with me click my Pipeflare referral link here, once moved to paying list you could get activity rewards:

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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