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Hello everyone and how are you all today? Hopefully well. I’m doing ok pretty tired from unloading Christmas trees at my other job. Being broken doesn’t help but I human the fuck up LOL. I got to do that shit all over again tomorrow. I’m going to keep this post short as I have a lot of other blog post to write and other website work to do on my network.

Welcome to another payment proof post for CashTravel. 7 Payouts From CashTravel thus far. Because CashTravel only has Paypal and Perfect Money being in the United States I can only use Paypal. Prefect Money is not recommended for users in the United States. CashTravel is mainly a paid to click site but a lot more like a get paid to as it does offer paid to sign ups, traffic exchange, paid to read emails and ads.

CashTravel is in my paying list and is a place I recommend for advertising. The CashTravel website is moving up to the elite list soon as for fast payments, advertising and website/business tenure. Now the payment proof.

Ru-Kun’s 7th Payment From CashTravel.

Ru-Kun's 7th payment from CashTravel
Ru-Kun’s 7th payment from CashTravel

Remember, I will keep this short. This project is on the paying list for both the Thoughts Of Everything website and my list. I will reward my active downline/referrals. Being a member and following me on Thoughts Of Everything will help but to make sure you are in  my downline you must click my affiliate link here:

Thanks for reading, don’t forget you can get a supporter access with brave browser and BAT by tipping our website. Ad free experience coming soon.

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