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Hello everyone and how is it going today? I’m doing pretty good and today is my birthday so just chilling and such. I wasn’t planning on writing anything today but decided that this post need to be finished as I have to move this entire network to our watched list for one of my payments pending for longer than what is stated in the website’s term and conditions. This is a big part of what we do as Thoughts Of Everything wouldn’t exist without my old make money online blogs.

So, I’m first going to say that it is sad when a network such as this that was once Elite websites for make extra money. Before it was taken over by the new owner, I guess there was a lot of problems with the site low earnings for members with lack of referral activity. Especially rented referrals. Also, the old admin was planning on closing all the sites. Those were Scarlet-clicks. Gptplanet and Optimalbux. I have been a member of all those sites since the beginning of them pretty much. Were on my elite list until new owner took over. Although I was paid on Gptplanet pretty fast see here: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/my-gptplanet-12th-payment-new-owner-doing-good-so-far/, kind of thinking saying the admin is doing good so far, a bit fast.

Right now, at the tie of this post I’m not saying it’s a scam or not. The network has been moved to watch list as well as the Thoughts Of Everything watch list. It is on the testing list as well that the moment since the new administrator took over. I requested payment on Gptplanet and was paid within days. But then I requested my very first payout from Optimalbux on October 13, 2023, and today is October 29, 2023, now. See my screenshot of my withdraw history. 

Ru-Kun;'s pending payout on Optimalbux for longer the 7 days per terms
Ru-Kun;’s pending payout on Optimalbux for longer the 7 days per terms

I have read of members waiting longer than me in the forums some 30 days already. The website terms and conditions state clearly that we will be paid 2-7 business days. Though, I will say that it also states some stupid deposit rules which I could see as a reason to not pay. But that rule has kind of been there since the old admin. I believe when those rules were implemented the websites started going downhill less ads and lower activity from those who have joined my downline. Shit like this is fucking stupid. But this is why we do the research for you guys, so you don’t have too.

Again, Scarlet-Clicks, Gptplanet and Optimalbux are not on our watch list for multiple pending payments and complaints about the pending payments. Members being suspended by the new admin for complaining about payments. Asking for money in order to be paid. 

As I’m coming to the end of my post here, I will say that the admin goes by agony554 but in my research I’m also dug up a bad review stating the admin also goes by Roger Gooren aka Mohammad Farajalla. The administrator also owns the Adzbazar and Lexiadz, Clixblue, offers4all.com, indexclix, fingerclix, ads4.pro, rotate4url.com, and adzseven.com. I’m not a member of all of those sites but I was thing about testing them at one time. But I think I will wait as things I see the admin doing make me not what to trust such an owner. Some of these sites were owned by different owners so I think this admin bought or took them over.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you guys updated on this issue.

Long live no Bullshit media


Updated Blog post here with payment proof: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/nice-optimalbux-1st-payment-received/

By Ru-Kun

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