Hello everyone and how is it going for you all today? Not too bad here hurt like fuck from busting my ass at my other job today. Lower back is killing me and feels like I’m being pinched there. Stupid and tire of my body. LOL. But I’m tired of my body hurting all, the damn time. Well, I’m going to keep this post quick as I’m pretty tired as well. Actually, I was so tired I started falling asleep while writing this blog post. I’m still going to keep this post short as I got to go to work in a little bit.

COIN is a mobile app that allows you to “Geomine” with your mobile device. You do this by simply opening up the application and pressing the mine button. You can also earn more coins from viewing ads and other microtasks. Once you got the minimum requirement for payout on the chosen payout option then you can request payout.  

Below you will see my second payment received from COIN. I had request XYO crypto for payout as you can earn holding rewards. XYO is a crypto I believe developed by COIN app’s company. I haven’t gathered that information yet. 

Ru-Kun’s Second Payout From COIN Mobile App

Ru-Kun's 2nd Payment From COIN app
Ru-Kun’s 2nd Payment From COIN app

If you also want, you can see my first payment proof in my blog post here: I want you guys to remember that this app is still in my testing list so even though there is a payment or two I can’t really consider it a paying program/project. It is one payout away from moving up the payout list as I have been testing the app for a while and is a registered company which I will have that information on my next blog post about this app. The program has an affiliate program and if you want to come and test it with me. You active will be rewarded once on the paying list. Plus, you will be helping us stay online so that we can continue this Thoughts Of Everything media site. Just click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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