Hello everyone and how are you guys doing at the moment? Hope you are doing ok. I not doing too bad trying to get some of my posts on this site caught up. This is one of those post a bit behind on and what we are doing to discuss in this post in a site called GPTPlanet and my 12th payout. Programs like these are a great way to earn extra money doing some small work from home.

GptPlanet is a get paid to site with mostly paid to click elements. The website has been in business since 2010 and I @ru-kun have been a member pretty much since the beginning. The have a paid to click section. There is a GptPlanet grid where you could win up to a $1.00. A paid to sign up section and many other areas to earn extra cash. Advertising is priced low. Accepted payment methods are Airtm, Bitcoin, Litcoin, Payeer, and Faucetpay. Payeer and Faucetpay can NOT recommend as they don’t allow United States members or businesses. So, it would be better to use Airtm or Bitcoin/Litcoin. Get yourself an Uphold account: if you want to purchase advertising or be paid in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

The GPTPlanet Payout

Below you will be able to see my payment proof. I want to note that the site actually moved back down to our testing list due to new ownership. The other 2 get paid to websites in this network also moved back to testing list. They used to be on the Elite earning site list. Now the payment proof

Ru-Kun's 12th payment from Gptplanet ($3.25 USD)
Ru-Kun’s 12th payment from Gptplanet

This payment was sent to my company’s Airtm account and 100% of my earnings were to pay a bill to my business. This helps keeps Thoughts Of Everything and my other such projects online. Like I stated earlier GptPlanet is on the testing list which started when the new admin/owner took over the network around 6-10-2023. But I don’t think in will be on the testing list for long. I gather more information as i comes available. New owner is doing a good job thus far. This above payment was paid within 24 hours, fast as fuck. Now because it is back to testing I can’t verify at the time of this post of the site to be paying. I have to been paid a bit more. 3 Payouts is the minimum requirement as some places have higher minimum cash out.

But if you would like to test this program with me you can join under and I will start rewarding your activity once on the paying list, but you be my referral and a user on Thoughts Of Everything. To join under my referral link, click here:

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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